23 Reasons to Choose TYPO3 CMS for Your Website

For a content creator, manager or anyone who needs to create and handle digital content on any platform, choosing an effective CMS is very important. CMS is a content management system, which helps you to manage your content, effectively.

23 Reasons to Choose TYPO3 CMS for Your Website

TYPO3 is an enterprise level content management service, which is a one-stop-shop for all of your CMS needs.

TYPO3 comes with a community of in-house developers who provide professional assistance. There are several documents available with technical back-end support. These documents also provide you with technical know how’s on coding. With a strictly divided front-end and back-end section and with robust login security system, it is impossible for external agents to mess with your content.

Why TYPO3 is a good CMS for your website?

1. 100% Open Source

TYPO3 is open source enterprise level content management software under the GNU general public license. You get to utilize the benefits of the software free of cost and without any legal obligations! The software is delivered to you for free so that you can reassign your project budget into other sectors like designing and managing your resources more efficiently

2. Self-Hosted

TYPO3 gives you the freedom to choose your own server for installing the software as long as it has the minimum system requirements. TYPO3 is a self- hosted CMS platform and has no legal binding to any particular third-party host. There are several specialized TYPO3 hosts available today who can give wings to your website as it takes off to a grand start.

3. Reliable

TYPO3 is a state-of-the-art web technology that offers technical support, irrespective of the kind of web hosting services you are using, be it HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap or CSS3. So, you get to choose the kind of website you want for any device you want to design it for. TYPO3 will let you make changes to your content as per your custom needs.

4. Scalable

Many systems claim to be scalable; but a true scalable system is one that allows you to add aspects like resources, without disrupting the functionality of the program. TYPO3 CMS is completely scalable software, which lets you do just that. With the help of an advanced build-in caching process along with high-speed lean API access, TYPO3 helps your business grow to its full potential.

5. Multilingual functionality

In the modern age of globalization, the most important goal for any website or application is to reach out and be accessible to customers across the globe. A multi-lingual platform is a must for your website to grow.
TYPO3 was established in 1997 with that same exact goal and has been providing the finest web solutions across the globe for over 20 years now. We have learnt from all that experience and re-implemented it back to TYPO3 CMS to bring you very flexible software, which understands the regional differences across the globe. This allows you to reach out to your audience from all over the world.

6. Safety

Security is one of the major concerns in a website or web-app. Ever since 2004, TYPO3 has had its very own security team of professional developers whose sole purpose is to keep your data safe. This team uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and checks every third party extensions to detect any potential threat or any other security issues. We can also implement high security features and secure TYPO3 sites from hack attempts.

7. Extendable

TYPO3 comes with a wide array of our own Extensions APIs, which makes it one of the most extendable functions. We understand that every business comes with its own set of requirements and challenges. With their entire Extension Repository at your disposal you can mold TYPO3 exactly according to your audience needs.

8. Mobile Friendly

All of the current versions of TYPO3 ever since version 4.7, is easily operable from all modern tablets and mobile devices. The software supports all mobile apps and responsive websites with the help of Bootstrap framework, modern fluid rendering and the fines image rendering tools.

9. High Image Rendering

With TYPO3 CMS you now no longer have to worry about images for your website or depend on any third-party agency. Besides scaling and crop images, the software allows you to manipulate and even create new images based on rules which can be hand crafted as per the needs of the company or even for an individual image.

10. CDN support

TYPO3 has one of the best content delivery networks. With the help of its advanced file abstraction architecture, TYPO3 makes your content delivery a lot easier. Your editors need no prior training and get the independence to work with their files on the go.

11. Multisite

You might often have several websites running at the same time. TYPO3 helps you design and handle all of your websites and makes sharing data between these websites a cakewalk. You can choose to have the same interface for all of your websites to keep your CI. Or you can tailor make your websites individually.

12. Simple CI Branding

Branding your corporate identity just became a lot easier with the help of TYPO3 which allows you to easily integrate your corporate logo and theme color into the admin interface of the TYPO3 software.

13. Built-in export/import

With its built-in solutions TYPO3 allows you to migrate your content from one website to another by uploading the content on a buffer server. You can also export the same website several times to create pre-existing websites with templates of your choice.

14. Support restricted areas

You can create special areas accessible only to selected members where your editors can post special content or functions, for instance a customer support section, with TYPO3s built-in service within minutes.

15. Permission rights and levels

TYPO3 allows you to grant individual or group access to your website at all levels. You can grant access to an entire website, or individual sub domains, even specific contents, based on the clearance level of the person.

16. Automatic content schedule

You can plan in advance and make special changes to the content of certain sections of your page, even entire pages and select a time of your choosing for when it goes live. And TYPO3 uploads it automatically for you at the chosen time.

17. Remote media integration

Handling your remote files just got a lot easier with TYPO3. Your editors can work with files like videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo just like handling regular files

18. QA guidelines

The system is tested over 8000times to detect any bug or design flaw in a newly introduced code before it gets integrated to the TYPO3 core. This guarantees the consistency in the code database.

19. Built in content versioning

TYPO3 has a built-in module for versioning your data before implementing any changes. This allows you to keep a track of all the changes and upload data in an orderly manner.

20. Full control to source code

TYPO3 also helps you with search engine optimization by allowing you to customize the source code for any particular page.

21. Long-term support

It is an open source software and 3 years after its initial release it also became the first software to provide long term support. You also get critical bug fixes and an advanced security.

22. Multi-channel content publishing

With TYPO3 you get the creative freedom to publish your content in any format you choose or one that suits your requirements best, XML, JSON, PDF or just plain HTML as default.

23. All database supported

Last but not the least, like its every other aspect, TYPO3 also provides you the freedom to choose any database management system of your liking. But it runs best with MySQL.


Because of a huge list of features, TYPO3 CMS Development is the go-to choice for businesses and organizations seeking flexibility and reliability.

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