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66 Tools & Techniques for Productive TYPO3 Agency

NITSAN holds over 10+ years of expertise within TYPO3 project development. We have learned and explored numerous tools that make us an effective and profitable TYPO3 agency. These tools assistance us for good team collaboration, sustain industry principles, better work quality, productive work, increment deals, enhance venture administration, fruitful results and so on..

Are you interested to know which tools and techniques does a TYPO3 Agency use?

Then you are at right place :)

For all the budding entrepreneurs reading this post, we have compiled a list of free web-based applications for you that will facilitate you in efficiently managing your daily operations and successfully accomplish long-term goals that you’ve set for your soon-to-be business empires.

If you are a growing company and you have a growth-driven team, vision and dedication to achieve your business goals, all you need a powerful set of right and integrated tools to leverage your business.

So here, we would love to share all the tools and techniques which would serve you and your organization by easing out your work because it's about bliss of clients and employees.

Here we've listed down the tools and technologies for :

  • General tools for entire team
  • Tools for project management
  • Tools for TYPO3 developer team
  • Tools for QA and Testing team
  • Tools for Sales and marketers
  • Tools for HR team

Just click on the icon to open the tool :)

General tools for entire team

Common tools that helps our entire division for the internal communication and collaboration for various purpose like Emails, Passwords, Cloud Documents etc.,

Tool or Technique URL Details
Email Service #1 Google Inbox

During initialization of our TYPO3 agency, We have tried to use local email clients (eg., Outlook for Windows with self hosting emails), But immediately we realized it's not that effective and long-term solution as your old emails may get lost with new device, accessing to cross-platforms etc., We choose Google Professional Gsuite with Google Inbox for the Emails.

Password Manager #2 LastPass

To store and retrieve sensitive information like passwords, pins and private info. on the fly is very time consuming process. By inspiring TYPO3 GmbH approach, We use LastPass and that's a really cool tool for managing and accessing the password from anywhere.

Document Manager #3 Google Docs

It’s 2018, Your documents should be accessible from anywhere like Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.
That’s why we choose Google Docs to manage all our internal documents.
There are many advantages like Accessibility, Share with People, Easy to pass from one to another division, Work together in one document etc.

Meetings #4 Google Calendar

For any kind of internal or client’s meeting, we always use Google Calendar for the invitation and clear the agenda. One more thing, We always maintain MOM (Minute of Meeting) for each meetings.

For Project Management

In IT Industry, Project management is one of the crucial task,where the success of project highly depends on how to achieve the best quality work with achieved goals in time. That’s why, We always stay updated with project management tools and techniques like PMS tool, Agile project methodology, custom Intranet web application, Slack etc. for fruitful results.

Tool or Technique URL Details
Project Management System #5 Activecollab

For smooth execution of projects, we use Activecollab which help to manage projects, arrange resources, detailed report, etc.,
Further it also helps us to implement smooth agile scrum and kanban methodology.

#6 Intranet

Custom Developed by NITSAN Technologies

Also, We have developed one custom intranet application according to organization’s crucial needs for eg., Maintain daily to-do, reports for projects and resources, etc.,
Basically, we have extended Activecollab for advanced project management.

Communication #7 Slack

Slack is one of the most popular tool, We use it for our internal communication. Among its features are included on-desktop notifications, drag-and-drop files, video calls, group projects, integrations with Box, Google Docs, and Dropbox.
If you have still not used, then you must try with Free version.

#8 Skype

Mostly for the client’s communication, we use Slack for chat and calls.

Skype is an IP telephony service provider that offers free calling between subscribers and low-cost calling to people who don't use the service.

In addition to standard telephone calls, Skype enables file transfers, texting, video chat and videoconferencing.

Project Methodology #9 Agile Scrum and Kanban

Agile Scrum
Scrum technique is one of the most popular technique of Agile methodologies. There are more advantages compared to traditional Waterfall model with three specific roles: product owner, scrum master and the development team. It’s increase productivity of the project like avoid more change request, better quality and ultimate client is happy with such approach.

Agile Kanban
Kanban is agile process framework. It’s concept related to lean and jus-in-time (JIT) production with scheduling system and define, what / when / how to produce.
Fortunately, Activecollab which we used as project management tool is provide perfect Kanban agile framework.

For TYPO3 Team

Our TYPO3 technical team is always keen to adapt new technologies and standards. We have mainly two team 1. TYPO3 Template Integrators, 2. TYPO3 Extensions Developers.

For better productivity and quality of work, our team is always cares like best server infrastructure, follow TYPO3 standards, use latest Frontend technologies, Adapt version and standards of new TYPO3, use various browsers and design tools and so on.,

Tool or Technique URL Details
#11 GIT Deployment System

For our each small to very large TYPO3 projects, we always use GIT version control system for better productivity.

Server Infrastructure #10 LAMP Server LAMP

As Open source web agency, We use one of the most popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) software bundle. All the machines of Server and TYPO3 Developers has been configured with this environment.

#12 Hardware

We have invested high-level configuration for the hardware of developers and testers for better quality like 8 GB Ram, Large size monitor etc.,

#13 Network

To provide speedy and secure work to the customer, NITSAN have settled high-level internal infrastructure like Server-client setup, Configured linux server, Firewall, etc.,

TYPO3 Developers #14 TYPO3 Version

Although, it does not require to mention that we always use TYPO3 LTS for new projects. But of course, some time depends on project’s needs we also setup with future LTS version eg., Few projects we have already started to develop with TYPO3 9 LTS.

#15 PHPStorm phpstorm/

PHPStorm is highly recommend IDE for TYPO3 project’s development.

Useful Plugins and Settings:

#16 MySQL Workbench workbench

Forget old-school phpMyAdmin, TYPO3 Developer should use MySQL Workbench which is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs.

#17 TYPO3 Code Standards

The most important is, Our TYPO3 team always develop and maintain project only with officially provided TYPO3 Documentation.

Quick Highlights

  • Extbase/Fluid

  • Maximum use of TYPO3 Core

  • Code Review and Standards

  • Security Checkup

  • Doctrine ORM

  • PSR Standards

  • Follow Coding Guidelines

  • so on.,

#18 Debugging

Debugging is one of the crucial stuff for the technical team, so we always use different techniques lile;

TYPO3 Integrators #19 EXT:site_default

Custom Developed by NITSAN Technologies

TYPO3 template integration can be done in various ways, we have developed standard TYPO3 extension for the same. Good thing is that, We only use TYPO3 core for the backend layout, frontend templates, content elements etc.,

#20 Mobile-First Responsive Design

Accordingly research more then 55% are mobile users for the website access. To achieve best result for the mobile, we are doing website development with current industry standard mobile-first responsive design.

#21 Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS Framework which is use in frontend development for the better quality and standard work.

#22 jQuery

jQuery is widely used JavaScript framework, One of the biggest advantages of jQuery is number of available Plugins.

#23 SASS

A CSS preprocessor is a scripting language that extends CSS by allowing developers to write code in one language and then compile it into CSS. Sass is perhaps the most popular preprocessor around the globe.

#24 Nodejs / Gulp

Gulpjs automate and enhance your workflow, It’s very quick and powerful framework to compile, merge and compress CSS and JS files.

Browser Tools #25 Pixel Perfect

Pixel perfect website is one of our expertise for each TYPO3 project, Of course that’s why the customers of NITSAN are so happy. To make sure about it, We have added this tool in our checklist.

#26 Font Finder

This plugin extracts CSS information of any element on the page. It provides important details like font-family, font-size, font-weight, color, etc with just one click on element. It also provides other element details like type, id, class, etc.

#27 Color Picker

An eye-dropper & color-picker tool that allows you to select color values from webpages.

#28 MeasureIt

MeasureIt can measure the width and height of any element on web page using the ruler in pixels.

#29 Firebug

Firebug is favourite tool for the web developers to quickly inspect and debug.

Design Tools #30 Sketch

Nowadays, Sketch is popular design tool to make the design because design agencies feel more useful tool from ideas to the final design. You should have hands on knowledge to make your customer’s project from Sketch to HTML/CSS template integration.

#31 Zeplin

It’s all about the details. Handoff designs and style guides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets—automatically.

#32 Adobe Photoshop products/photoshop.html

Adobe’s different tools are widely used as graphics design at initial stage of website development.

Our team have good enough knowledge to work with any format, as we can not say to client that, ‘we only know the PSD to HTML, so please provide us only PSD file’ ;)

#33 Adobe Indesign products/indesign.html

Adobe InDesign CS6 is a page-layout software that takes print publishing and page design beyond current boundaries. InDesign is a desktop publishing program that incorporates illustration capabilities into its interface. It also allows for cross platform interaction with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat.

#34 Adobe Illustrator products/illustrator.html

Adobe Illustrator is graphic-driven software used primarily for creating vector graphics. Developed alongside with Adobe Photoshop as a companion product, Adobe illustrator is used for creating logos, graphics, cartoons and fonts for the photo-realistic layouts of Adobe Photoshop.

#35 Adobe XD products/xd.html

Adobe has put its legendary graphic design know-how into the UX space with the all-new Adobe Experience Design – better known as Adobe XD.Many Creative Cloud users have probably done UX design in other applications like Illustrator or even Photoshop. Well, Adobe XD is here as a purpose-built tool for UX design.

For QA Testing Team

NITSAN have one motto to provide best quality of the project, That’s why, We have dedicated QC/QA Testing team to make sure the quality of the project, before the project delivered to the client. All the projects has been passed with different testing scenario as follows:

  • Cross-Platform Testing (browsers and devices)

  • UI/UX Design Testing (eg., PX Perfect)

  • Usability Testing (for backend)

  • Functionality Testing (for custom extensions)

  • Adaptability Testing

  • Unit Testing (for the extensions)

  • SEO and SEM Testing

  • Speed and Performance Testing

Tool or Technique URL Details
Cross-Platform Compatibility #36 Operating System

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

Cross-Platform Compatibility #37 Browsers

Latest and second last browsers compatibilities.

  • Chrome

  • Safari

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Internet Explorer

Cross-Devices Compatibility #38 Devices

  • Wide-Screen

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

  • Mobile

Browser Plugins #39 FontFinder

This plugin extracts CSS information of any element on the page. It provides important details like font-family, font-size, font-weight, color, etc with just one click on element. It also provides other element details like type, id, class, etc.

#40 WhatFont

This plugin is also used to verify CSS details of any element on page. Main advantage of this plugin is that you can compare CSS of multiple elements. Additionally, it shows font-family of text just by hovering mouse over the text.

#41 PageRuler

Page Ruler lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it. It helps to identify relative positions of elements in web page.

#42 PerfectPixel

PerfectPixel allows developers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML and perform pixel perfect comparison between them.

#43 AMP Validator

The AMP Validator will check the current page to see if it is an AMP page and then run it through the AMP validator and report if the page passes (green) or fails (red) via the extension icon. It will also list Warnings/errors of AMP page when you click on Extension icon.

#44 Colorpicker

This plugin is very useful to pick color from any point in your browser. It can be done by just clicking on point and color code will be displayed on the screen. Color code gets updated as mouse pointer roams the browser window. Additionally, color code gets copied as well.

#45 Emmet Re:view

Emmet Re:View displays your responsive web-page in a number of views side-by-side so you can quickly test how web-page looks at different resolutions and devices. All views are fully synchronized: scroll, fill-in form fields, click, hover and drag elements in one view and get instant feedback in all others.

Bug Tracking #46 Google Sheet about/

For the small and quick project, we prefer to use Google sheet for the quick communication. QA team can report bugs/issues to design and development with quick actions of status and comments.

#47 Intranet BTS

For bigger project, we have developed special tool call BTS - Bug Tracking System with collaboration with ActiveCollab.

Online Tools used for QA #48 W3C Validation

This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

#49 Blisk

Blisk is a developer-oriented browser which allows developers to test webpage in Desktop & responsive view quickly.

#50 RecordIt

RecordIt is very useful tool to record screen. User can define the screen area to record and it quickly uploads video to its server. Additionally it provides link to share that video. This is very helpful while testing to record specific scenario or steps.

#51 Lightshot index.html

This tool is used to capture screenshots. It allows to annotate the screenshot to highlight important portion of the screen. It allows to save image in your computer. Additionally, you can upload the image to its server and can get link to share the screenshot.

Automation #52 Automation

Many time, Our QA testing team write “selenium script” for automation. Eg., Imagine your customer’s site have thousands of pages, you want to make dynamic design testing or trying to find-out 404 pages. In such cases, selenium script will help us to make our life easier.

Speed and Performance Optimization #53 Page Speed Insights speed/pagespeed/insights/

PageSpeed Insights reports on the real-world performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

#54 GTMetrix

GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

#55 Pingdom

Pingdom is very helpful in testing the load time of the page, analyzing it and finding bottlenecks.

SEO Compliance #56 Screaming Frog seo-spider/

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO.

#57 HEADMasterSEO

HEADMasterSEO is a bulk URL checker tool that allows you to check URL Response code, Response time, 301 & 302 redirects and many other SEO related tasks.

#58 SEOSitecheckup

It is a SEO tool which provides results about Common SEO issues, Speed Optimization, Server & Security, Mobile Usability & Advanced SEO Checks.

For Sales and Marketers

The right tools can mean the difference between success and failure. Not only will they make your life easier, but they have the power to make your sales and marketing teams work smarter, not harder. Here we round-up some of the best marketing automation, event management and prospecting tools every marketer needs to know.

Tool or Technique URL Details
Business Models #60 Request For Proposal (RFP)

For the fixed cost project, we always prepare RFP document for our customers which includes scope of the project, milestones and tasks, queries and confirmations, estimation, timeline etc.,

#61 Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Website development is not one time shot, support and maintenance is essential after Go-live. We offer SLA to our customers to make sure their website is running well so they can sleep well eg., Urgent support, monitoring, security checkup, TYPO3 health report, Monthly activity report etc., NITSAN team have completed 98% successful SLA contract.

#62 Hire Dedicated Resource / Team

We provide dedicated developers as well as team. For the long-term projects, we always recommend to hire our resources to make it smoothly execute the projects.

#63 Time and Material Package

NITSAN provide hourly based time and material package, so our customer have flexibility to assign any change request, bug fixing, new features, etc., to their any sites.

With 7+ years of experience, We have made professional documents and templates for each business model. If you are interested, then please feel free to directly connect with us at info(at)

For HR Team

Finding HR software that meets your company’s individual needs is tricky – options are abundant and each software has its merits. To aid your search, we assembled a few promising tools for some of the most important HR techniques, like recruiting, performance management, employee training and employee engagement.

Tool or Technique URL Details
Intranet # 64 NITSAN Intranet

Custom Developed by NITSAN Technologies

We have custom developed our own Intranet software with rich features like :

  • Employment management

  • Recruitment management

  • Report management

  • Employee  activity management

  • Attendance management

  • Leave management

  • Overtime management

Our HRM tool keeps all work related information in one place. Anchoring insights about your workforce gives your business favorable position to realize what necessities to change in light of inside and outside conditions.NITSAN Intranet  is basic and simple to learn and guarantees almost no downtime is taken from workers being profitable. You have recorded data about your workers readily available to settle on key choices.

If you're looking for such HRM please feel free to directly connect with us at info(at)


Custom Developed by NITSAN Technologies

Performance management is not just employee appraisals anymore. We will help you modernize Employee Performance Management

Key features of our KRA software are :

  • Goal management

  • Periodic check-ins

  • Continuous feedbacks

  • Employee development

  • Automated analysis

  • 360 degree feedback

If you're looking for such HRM please feel free to directly connect with us at info(at)

Billing # 66 ZOHO Invoice

Zoho Invoice is ideal accounting software for sole proprietorships and small to large businesses. It contains many features such like Invoicing, estimates , contacts, payments, expenses, projects and timesheets, templates , automation,client portal, reports, user and roles items.Each feature listed above contains further sub-features.

We hope all the above tools and techniques would be helpful to you too. If you found the above information useful then please like it and share it with your TYPO3 Developers, QA Testers, Project Managers and Marketers to increase their productivity too.

One more thing, by the time, NITSAN team always ready to keep stay update and take the challenges to accept new things. Do you have any good suggestions? If yes, Please let us know with below comment box, We would love to know about it.

Happy Productive Work :)

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