Google’s November 2023 Core Algorithm Update

Google’s November 2023 Core Algorithm Update

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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update November 2023

On November 2nd, 2023, Google announced a broad core algorithm update, as they do a few times a year. These updates typically take a couple of weeks to fully roll out. The latest November 2023 core update by Google will update their rankings release history page when the update is rolled out completely. Google's broad core algorithm update on November 2nd 2023 takes upto 2 weeks to rollout.

Checkout the Latest & Previous Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates 2023 and Rollout Timing:

November 2023 core update2 Nov 2023In Progress
October 2023 core update5 Oct 202313 days, 23 hours
October 2023 spam update4 Oct 202315 days, 12 hours
September 2023 helpful content update14 Sep 202313 days, 11 hours
August 2023 core update22 Aug 202316 days, 3 hours
April 2023 reviews update12 Apr 202313 days, 2 hours
March 2023 core update15 Mar 202313 days, 7 hours
February 2023 product reviews update21 Feb 202314 days

Checkout the Official Tweet from Google Search Central Blog

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

A Broad Core Algorithm Update is a change to Google's search ranking algorithm. These updates are designed to improve the overall relevance and quality of search results. They are typically rolled out several times a year and can have a major impact on the rankings of websites.

Broad Core Algorithm Updates are not targeted at specific websites or industries. Instead, they are designed to improve the overall quality of search results for all users across the globe. This means that any website that is not providing high-quality, relevant content is likely to be negatively affected by these updates. Know more about broad core algorithm update on Google’s Webmasters Blog 

What updates are coming this month?

Google has released a new core update in November 2023. As with previous core updates, this update is designed to improve the overall quality of Google Search results. This update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month.

Reviews update rolling out next week: Google specified about updating the reviews system which will be rolling out next week itself. Google also specified to update the page in some notable way which will cover more languages. And those who review timely must read their guidance and stay focused when writing a review.

Difference between an update and a ranking system:

Ranking systems are used to generate search results. There are multiple ranking systems which are used to process different things. So it concludes that updates are rolled out when Google makes an improvement into the ranking systems

Why does Google do updates?

Basically, for search results ranking Google uses automated systems and they are not perfect all the time. So Google always makes sure to find new ways to improve these automated systems to display better results for users.

Check Your Google Search Console & Google Analytics

For knowing your TYPO3 website is hit with the latest Google Core Update then you can check:

GSC(Google Search Console)

If your website have hit with the latest Google Core Algorithm Update then check “Impressions and Clicks” which must gone down in numbers

GA4(Google Analytics)

If your website have hit with the latest Google Core Algorithm update then check overall traffic and users from “User acquisition and traffic acquisition” which must have gone down in numbers

Steps to perform for TYPO3 Websites Owners after Google Algorithm Updates:

Whether you hit after Google core update algorithm rolled out or you don't see major changes in your rankings. Here are the process and tips for recovering and improving your TYPO3 website's SEO after core update.

Understand What Kind of Update Was Rolled Out:

Starting with finding what type of Google update is rolled out. Finding out the necessary changes and optimizing it will help you in ranking your TYPO3 Websites.

Implement the SEO Changes:

If you are website owner the you need to be prepared for Broad Core Algorithm Updates that includes:

  • Ensuring that their content is high-quality and relevant to their target audience.
  • Building backlinks from high-quality websites.
  • Making sure that their website is technically sound and easy to use.
  • Keeping their website up-to-date with the latest content and information.
  • Optimize images and improve loading speed of your website


Here the whole impact of the algorithm is still unrevealed but we can conclude that Google is continuously making efforts to enhance the quality of the search results and always try to offer the most helpful and relevant information to their users

Owning a website makes these updates more important to be aware of and take necessary steps to ensure that your website is compliant with Google's guidelines. Focusing on these points can increase the chances of ranking your website high in Google’s search results.

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