How to prepare and pass the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI) exam?

We are happy to share his experience to prepare and pass the exam. So are you excited to appear for TCCI exam and need to grasp some tips and tricks? Alright! Then, you are at the right place.

How to prepare and pass the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI) exam?

At last T3DD18 (TYPO3 developer days) held at Düsseldorf, our TYPO3 team leader Keval Pandya appeared for TCCI exam and cleared it - Congratulations again!

We are happy to share his experience to prepare and pass the exam. So are you excited to appear for TCCI exam and need to grasp some tips and tricks? Alright! Then, you are at the right place.

TYPO3 Certification for better TYPO3 eco-system

It feels proud to say, “TYPO3 is one of the only Open Source community” to have a dedicated Education & Certification Committee installed by the TYPO3 Association's Board and Expert Advisory Board in early 2014.

What are the main activities of the TYPO3 committee?

  • Setting up an education strategy
  • Managing the TYPO3 certification program
  • Defining global standards for TYPO3 certifications
  • Training/workshop for certification
  • Co-ordinating with other TYPO3 teams
  • Much more.,

Why TYPO3 certification is important?

TYPO3 certification programs ensure the competence of professionals and by providing a measurement of knowledge and skills.

for TYPO3 agencies
TYPO3 service providers can highlight such certification for their strong position in the market. Even for TYPO3 freelancers, it gives a more competitive advantage.

for Decision-makers
The certificate gives more confidence to decision makers for the success of the project.

for TYPO3 eco-system
The certified integrators, developers, editors, and consultant gives the best quality of work, so TYPO3 eco-system works well with less chance of failures projects.

for Personal feeling
It gives personal proud feeling to a person who passed and gets a certification badge.

What is TCCI (TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator)?

The TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI) exam was the first certification provided by the TYPO3 Association in the year 2008.

The certification team defines the role of “certified TYPO3 integrator” as follows:

“A TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator develops the template for a website, configures all necessary extensions and creates access rights for backend users. An integrator does not install TYPO3 on the web server and does not develop extensions, but knows how to configure a pre-installed TYPO3 instance.”

It’s great to start with basics


Some general information about all the certification are as follows:

All the exams are exclusively conducted in English.

TYPO3 version
Generally, the exams are conducted in context to recent or last TYPO3 LTS (long-term support) version. But it is highly recommended to confirm exact TYPO3 version, you may found such details during the registration.

All questions have been developed by TYPO3 experts and are reviewed or updated according to strict guidelines.

Re-Apply for Exam
In the event, if an applicant does not qualify in the exam, he/she may retake them as many times they wish. After each unsuccessful attempt, three months holding up period applies.

Location for examination
Unfortunately, TYPO3 exams are not available world-wide eg., Earlier, there was a good option to take TYPO3 exam through Pearson Vue. I’m sure, the certification team is already working hard to available for outside Europe.

At the moment (March 2019), TYPO3 certification tests are usually taken at TYPO3 events like TYPO3 Developer Days, annual TYPO3 CertiFUNcation Day, TYPO3camps, TYPO3 conferences and so on.

Canceling a Registration
On the off chance, if you don't turn up at the scheduled date/time of examination without giving early notification of retraction, the refund would not be provided. In case of urgency, you need to do this somewhere around 48 hours before the booked date and time.

Roadmap to get certification

  • Being aware of Syllabus

  • In-depth dive to the Topics

  • Registration

  • Take the exam

  • Enjoy your success party

Where to apply for the TCCI?

Choose the TYPO3 Events
Visit the official TYPO3 events page and choose your best suitable TYPO3 events

Registration cost

  • 200 € for TYPO3 Certified Integrator exam

  • 150 € for TYPO3 Certified Integrator exam for members of the TYPO3 Association

  • 150 € for TYPO3 Certified Integrator exam for employees of members of the TYPO3 Association (bronze, silver, gold or platinum level)

Eventbrite to register
You may perform registration at TYPO3 association’s official Eventbrite page at

How to prepare for Certification?

Good thing is that TYPO3 certification team defined syllabus with a number of topics. Here are some tips and tricks for better preparation for the certification.

Step 1. Dream it
Forgot TYPO3 at the moment. First, you should set your vision to become TYPO3 certified integrator, which will keep motivating you to “lots read and practice” the TYPO3.

Step 2. Check topics
To clear the scope and vision, take a quick look at all the topics and sub-topics of

Step 3. Theory knowledge through TYPO3 Documentation
At each topic, you will find “references” the recommend reading links that are linked with You should read in-depth at TYPO3 documentation.

It will help you to clear theoretical knowledge for eg., How can you know all the properties of FLUID TEMPLATE TypoScript object, simply go here

Step 4. Practical knowledge through Practice
Of course, The exam is exactly what you know practically to integrate templates into TYPO3. Your real-time project’s work is the only best way to learn and prepare for the exam. There will be many tricky questions which can be only answered if you have done good-enough TYPO3 practice.

What type of TYPO3 questions asked in the exam

1. TYPO3 General Test Questions

You need to read general TYPO3 topics like how TYPO3 community works, what is TYPO3 association, history of TYPO3, Code of conduct, Roadmap & release cycle of TYPO3, etc.,

Sample Question

What is a TYPO3 User Group? (1)

1. A group on the internet, such as
2. A support network organized by companies.
3. A casual meeting of TYPO3 enthusiasts.
4. A chat channel.
5. A group similar to the TYPO3 Association but based on users.

2. Theoretical Test Questions

You should read for in-depth properties and objects of TypoScript/Fluid, because in our routine TYPO3 project's work, there are many properties/objects which we never used or practised. Your only friend is - TYPO3 official documentation.

Sample Question

The following script aims to produce a debug output on the screen.
Why is it not functioning by default? (1)

page = PAGE
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.value = Hello world!
page.10.debugData = 1

1. The syntax is wrong, it should be page.10.stdWrap.debugData.
2. The output is always written to a log file and not displayed on screen.
3. You first have to enter the client IP in the Install Tool.
4. The function mentioned above only works for local installations. If the TYPO3 instance is on
the Internet, the display of debug data does not work.
5. The output happens in the backend in a module within the “Info” module, rather than on

3. Logical Test Questions

There are some tricky questions (especially with TypoScript and Fluid) where you need to show your logical power.

Sample Question

What is the output produced by the following TypoScript code? (1)

page = PAGE
page.10 = COA
page.10 {
	30 = TEXT
	30.value = A
	30.wrap = B|C
	40 = HTML
	40.value = D
	40.wrap = E|F
	20 < .30
	40.value = G


4. Practical Questions

According to our experience, the majority there are more practical questions are asked, that means what you know (and practice) about TYPO3 integrator? That means you should be master o

  • TYPO3 Installation and Configuration
  • TypoScript and Fluid
  • Backend adminstration
  • Users roles and access
  • Performance optimisation
  • TYPO3 third-party extensions
  • Workspace Flow
  • etc.,

Sample Question

Which menu state can you use to indicate pages if access to 
them is restricted to user groups where 
the group name begins with the letters A-K? (2)

1. NO
4. CUR
6. ACT

Credit: Above sample questions taken from TYPO3 certification integrator book, Thanks Michael Schams!

TYPO3 Training and Workshop


Education committee’s workshop
The education and certification team regularly organize training and workshop, like

The team of SkillDisplay and TYPO3 GmbH are working hard to prepare an organized way of learning and prepare the TYPO3 exam, You may found some of their official blogs at

You may take a look at TCCI’s SkillsPath at-

TYPO3 Books

To prepare for the exam, we would highly recommend reading the best available books by Michael Schams.

It’s an ideal study guide for the preparation of certification, current 5th edition contains 250 questions. Don’t miss to read “How to use this book” section before you start to read TYPO3 questions.

                            English version                                                                   German version 

What care one must take during the exam?

  • We recommend that you arrive at the test center 15 to 30 minutes before the exam starts for the registration and other processes.

  • Candidate needs to bring valid official identification documents, that shows your full name, photograph, and signature and proves your identity like a passport or personal identification card.

  • It is mandatory to sign the NDA document prior to the examination. By signing the NDA document, you accept that the exam material is strictly confidential and that questions and answers must not be disclosed.

  • Applicant has 90 minutes to go through the test and answer and answer as many questions possible.

  • The exam would be having multiple-choice questions with at least one or more correct answers. Good thing is that, on each particular question, they mentioned: “how many answers are correct”. For the question with more than one correct answers, if the candidate does not pick all correct answers, the question would be marked wrong and no points will be credited.

Score and Statistics

75 Questions
would be asked in the exam paper

90 Minutes
of time to complete exam paper

1.2 minutes
to answer each question

~60 out of 75 answers
should be correct to become certified integrator (CAUTION: it’s not defined by the certification team, but majoring according to our experience).

How will you receive your badge/certification?

Receive results via Email
After the exam, you will receive an email with your result (pass or fail) within a few weeks.

Receive TYPO3 Certificate
If the candidate has successfully passed the test, then the TYPO3 certificate is sent to their postal location within a month.

The candidate can allude to oneself as a Certified TYPO3 Integrator until the expiration period of certificate i.e 3 years.

Your name at Certification Listing
Also, the names of candidates with TYPO3 certification would be listed on-


  • Have a dream and passion to become TYPO3 certified integrator.

  • Aware with a syllabus of TCCI exam.

  • Theoretically and practically dig in-depth at each topic.

  • Register for your best available time and location.

  • Keep calm while giving the examination and wait for the results.

  • Celebrate your winning shot by becoming a TYPO3 Certified Integrator!

We wish you best wishes for your TYPO3 certification integrator exam :)

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