Insights of our beautiful celebration of 6th anniversary of NISTAN

NITSAN Technologies, the Digital Builders solutions provider, which had been held as the grand celebration - 6th Anniversary of NITSAN, at the Hotel Avezika In here on Saturday, Feb 11th, 2017. This day took off on an exhilarating view with the dance shows, drama, singing and traditional performance by the company’s employees.

Insights of our beautiful celebration of 6th anniversary of NISTAN

NITSAN had its’ 6th Anniversary and Award ceremony. We are welcoming the new year and are excited to plan the year ahead.

We, the owners, Nitin Chauhan (Founder & CEO of NITSAN) and Sanjay Chauhan(Founder & CTO of NITSAN), are proudly celebrating our anniversary and also welcoming our new CMO of NITSAN Jasjeet Singh who joined us recently.

Opening Ceremony

We at NITSAN start our day with a morning prayer. So also the celebration we started with a Prayer where we invited also all the guests to sing along with us. Together we sang the national anthem of India called “Jana Gana Mana”. The Prayer serves as a great discipleship tool for everyone.

All NITSAN Team thanked the NITSAN Board Members during the cake cutting celebration and gifted them a frame which recollects the memories of the NITSAN family.

Presentation by CEO - Nitin Chauhan

Nitin Chauhan (Founder & CEO of NITSAN Technologies), shared some experiences and flashbacks of NITSAN. “The company was founded on 30 January 2011." The name NITSAN comes from the two founders' names NITIN + SANJAY = NITSAN. We had a clear vision for the company and knew our goals and where we wanted to be one day. The past 6 years have been very successful. We were able to deliver at the highest quality at all times and had the skills and equipment to overcome the risks and issues when faced and are very much ecstatic about our future as a company to go miles ahead as digital builders.

2017 vision:

Our vision for Marketing & Branding:

  • NITSAN GmbH A German Company
  • Meet-up with European client
  • Potential Clients


  • TYPO3 Certified Developer
  • ISO Certification

TYPO3 Contributions:

  • Attend TYPO3 Conference, Camp, T3DD & Meetups
  • TYPO3 Core Development, Marketing, Documentation, Sponsorship & iTUG

Company Culture - Office Environment (Our motto: Work Hard, Play Hard)

Please click the link to view our proud culture and see various events

NITSAN Department-Head Presentation

The presentation which was shown at the celebration showcased the leadership and expertise of the NITSAN senior management (Development, Design, Quality).

There are three departments: Design, Development and QA. The presentation shows how the three departments work cross-functionally to excel at each of the services the company provides.

Our programmers work more than the typical nine to five job to meet the required quality standards. Our programmers are the foundation and reason for our breakthrough success. They enable us to work and co-operate with clients abroad. The motto that our employees live by is well said by Donald Knuth - “If you love something you can put beauty into it”

Entertainment (Dance/Drama/Songs)

Our NITSAN employees are like family to us. They are talented not only in the work that they do but also in dance and performance. Before every large event, we have rehearsals 2 weeks before to ensure the success of the annual celebration.


The first performance was by two beautiful girls, with some Bollywood Thumkas that enliven the mood of the audience.


And the second, the most interesting part of the Annual function - The Drama, the Drama Play on demonetization in India by NITSAN members. Well, you are going to be having fun in this play, with the melodious act by Yamaraja, Chitragupt - with the modern look, Civilian - at the Yamaraja's Club, Two Villagers - in the bank queue, Hashtag Modern Girl, Housewife with her cool attitude, the Lady-Police - with her Dabangg look, Bank Manager, Reporter and the Cameramen, along with these performers which creates a scene, that people standing in a Bank queue and waiting for the money. To be continued in this video...


Afterward the heartfelt dance performance by the NITSAN Boys which made the hearts of the audience melt away.


The ultimate performance is by NITSAN’s SRK and NITSAN’s nightingale.


One of the NITSAN’s Team members captured the hearts of the audience by the Dayro. In modern times, this is the best way to recall the traditions and cultural heritage to aware people about the spirituality as well as to aware youth and the new generation about the history of Gujarat/India.


At the 6th Anniversary of NITSAN, we also gave awards to the best performances.

There were 4 rewards as below:

  • Shining Star Award (Best in Quality)
  • Rising Star Award (Quickest Delivery)
  • Team Leader Award (Best Manager)
  • Best Employee Award (Best Overall)


The NITSAN family wants to thank all the honorable guests and hopes that the gifts were appreciated. It was a fun celebration at the Hotel Avezika In. There was amazing food, lots of pictures and a great DJ.

CTO of NITSAN, Sanjay Chauhan expressed his gratitude to all the team members and to all the valuable clients for an eminent support, trust and cooperation for making us one of India’s most reputable TYPO3 Agency.

The 6th Annual day ended up with the special thanks for all the participants and congratulations to the award winners.

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