Laravel Pulse: Performance Monitoring Tool for Laravel Apps

Laravel Pulse: Performance Monitoring Tool for Laravel Apps

In this growing web development market it is essential to stay ahead of these trends. In this market, real-time web applications which offer immediate updates and interactions to users have become very popular. So are you worried about real-time tracking? In this article we explored Laravel Pulse, how it works and why Laravel developers are distracted with it.

After creating a lot of exposure in Laravel AU 2023, finally Jess Archer from the Laravel core team broke the silence and announced Laravel Pulse. It was a secret project which is finally out in the market. And the best part is it is a free & open-source tool which will be a game-changer for all web-developers which are planning to develop real-time applications. 

What is Laravel Pulse?

Laravel Pulse is a real-time application performance monitoring tool and dashboard for your Laravel application. Laravel pulse is a free and open source package for Laravel PHP framework which helps web developers to monitor real-time web applications.

Taylor Otwell, the creator of laravel elaborated that Laravel pulse was developed out of frustration he had using the Laravel Forge and its incapability to quickly test why the app is not performing and which users are causing these errors.

Guessing that this package will be a robust & powerful tool for monitoring and checking performance insights of real-time applications.

Laravel Pulse release date

On December 01, 2023 Laravel Pulse’s beta version is available to use:

Key Components of Laravel Pulse

Application Usage
Expose the users which make the most requests, it captures the slowest endpoints and it also sends the most jobs all over your Laravel application.

Server Stats
Monitor your server's CPU, memory & disk utilization. Are you running multiple servers? No problem from now! Laravel Pulse can monitor all your servers at one place.

Queue Monitoring
See real-time and historical stats for pending jobs, failed and processed successfully. Rather than trying to guess which queue requires more resources, make informed decisions by evaluating the historical data and lead the way with real time benefits to your users.

Make decisions on the basis of data provided by Laravel Pulse which help with slowest endpoints, queries, jobs, and outgoing requests that are influencing users.

Trending Exceptions
Get a detailed overview of all the exceptions occurring in your application. Complete health overview helps you to search for anomalies all over your stack.

Custom Cards
One can create custom cards for yourself and also create shareable cards for the Laravel community. One can also customize the layout of the Pulse dashboard according to your choice.

How Does Laravel Pulse Work?

Let's explore the working of Laravel Pulse:

Broadcasting Events 
Here Laravel Pulse makes the broadcasting of events easier to the connected users. Using the built-in event broadcasting system, one can send notifications to users about different updates like new messages, notifications or data changes.

Presence Channels
Presence Channels helps in identifying and managing the connected users. This helps the applications which need user-specific real-time interactions such as chat applications or communication tools.

Private Channels
It provides end-to-end and secure communication between the authorized users. Private channels are best for the applications who need user authorization or authentication.

Laravel Eloquent Models Integration
Laravel Pulse is integrated with Laravel Eloquent models which helps broadcast model events such as updates, creations or deletions in real-time.

Why is Laravel Pulse Gaining Momentum?

Easy Integration
Laravel Pulse makes it easy for Laravel developers to add real-time features effortlessly. Developers can easily add real-time features to the applications by minimal configuration and a known Laravel syntax

Robust Documentation 
Laravel Pulse is also like the rest of the Laravel ecosystem, it has clear documentation. Laravel developers can easily find helpful guides and tutorials to get started.

Laravel Pulse scales easily, fitting projects of all sizes. It also manages a large number of connections, ensuring responsiveness as your real-time applications expand with a growing user base.

Active Community
The Laravel community is active and supportive. Many developers contribute to Laravel Pulse, ensuring it stays updated and compatible with the latest Laravel versions.


Laravel Pulse, a package that is a robust application performance monitoring and insights tool custom-made for Laravel applications. It is set to revolutionize the way Laravel developers develop real-time web applications. We are sure that there will be more features added into it in the future. What are you waiting for? Get started with monitoring your Laravel applications if you haven’t already.

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