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NITSAN’s Business Trip to Europe - 2018!

NITSAN has been known for delivering excellent oversea IT solutions since 2011. We have been working with many of our esteemed potential overseas clients for years but we were eager to meet them face to face!

NITSAN has been known for delivering excellent oversea IT solutions since 2011. We have been working with many of our esteemed potential overseas clients for years but we were eager to meet them face to face!

Virtual meeting through mediums has always played a crucial role to our relationship but there is something about these face-to-face interactions that build better understanding, experience fosters feelings of trust and empathy, which are essential in any successful business relationship and a real sense of a shared mission, and that always makes a difference!

Being in a different atmosphere, with clients stimulates the brain and opens you up to new ideas, emotional contagion and ability to express your thoughts and past work confessions. We feel face-to-face meetings offer a valuable opportunity to spread these valuable attitudes and a high value on professional relationships.

We planned 20 days journey covering three countries and ten cities of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Nitin and Sanjay initiated their journey on 23rd of October from Bhavnagar, India to Frankfurt, Germany and resided there for over 10 days.

It's an awesome destination, with some insanely beautiful locales steeped in history and tradition. Germany has more than its fair share of breathtaking stunning scenery.

We had Business meets with our major and most admired clients. It was amazing meeting our German clients that are a perfect mix of left and right brains. We realized they are just real and down to earth.
We spent quality time discussing and understanding our client’s needs. Along with Business discussions we had leisure time with our clients as they took us on a trip to explore Berlin!

We got a feeling like home when they took us to their home for dinner, their hospitality, respect for us and we spent ample of time enjoying with their family and kids!

Also, we attended the 13th International TYPO3 Conference and TYPO3 Gala Awardsas speaker and sponsor for the event. And we feel proud to say that we've won the award for Best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website at the Award event.

Hallo Switzerland!

“Switzerland- Heaven on earth.” - Yes, we agree! A destination with mesmerizing views.
Preceding the meets to Bern, Switzerland we invested 3 days to meet our venerate clients.

This meeting filled us with 'can-do' confidence. It was comfortable to communicate and discuss our views and perspective with them. It was overall a knowledgeable experience with new business opportunities.

Land Austria!

And the final destination of our Business trip “Austria”. The 4 days were spent with discussing current work scenarios and taking feedbacks to take our work to next level. A perfect business needs a regular follow-up routine with clients, to ease out any uncertainty they face and will open up the potential for repeated business.

A successful Business trip!

  • The main motive of this Business trip was to explore the client's ideas into depth and transforming their real thoughts into digital reality by becoming their technical partner.
  • Discussing ideas, features, deadlines, priorities, confusions, confessions and appreciations in depth.
  • To bring an essence of friendship to our professional relationship. We personally admit it is something that is difficult to build over virtual meetings.
  • NITSAN fosters an environment where communication and understanding clients to detail are seen as a key attribute and exploring client’s need to the finest level helped us to deliver outstanding quality.
  • We hold a culture where client’s satisfaction is valued the most and an environment where communication is continually practised in a safe and trusted way.

We are glad we have our every motive clear with every client we met on this business trip!

Goodbye Europe!

It was an amazing business trip overall. Our heartly thanks to all our clients for their time, for a warm reception and your gracious hospitality.

Without your support and constant attention to detail, we would not have enjoyed ourselves nearly so much. Your rapport with the business community was obvious. Also, we were pleased to meet your complete team too. It is delightful to meet our overseas clients in real!

Thank you again for such an enjoyable, as well as profitable, time with you in your country. We anticipate visiting our valuable clients again!

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