Glimpse of PHP Developer Day 2023 by PHP User Group Dresden e.V.

Glimpse of PHP Developer Day 2023 by PHP User Group Dresden e.V.

PHP Developer Day 2023 was a grand success at Dresden, Germany after a four-year hiatus. The event, which took place on September 22, 2023, brought together PHP enthusiasts and developers from various backgrounds for a day filled with enlightening talks, networking opportunities, and plenty of fun. Now that the event has concluded, let's take a look back at some of the standout talks and highlights.

Event Schedule for PHP Developer Day 2023

Here's a walkthrough of the event schedule:

09:00OpeningAnke Häslich & Holger WoltersdorfEnglish
09:30How cool is that? (Keynote)Dr. Carola LilienthalEnglish
10:15Pimp your PHP code for the planetCarsten WindlerEnglish
11:15Debugging und Performance Profiling in der PraxisSebastian KurfürstDeutsch
12:00Lunch Break  
13:15"Pardon my French" or The technical aspects of i18n and l10nAndreas HeiglDeutsch
14:15Growing the PHP core - One test At a timeFlorian EngelhardtEnglish
15:00Coffee Break  
15:30Tuning PHPStan to Maximum StrictnessOndřej MirtesEnglish
16:30Develop yourself - Open Source bringt uns alle weiterRoland GollaDeutsch
17:30Mastering Code ReviewsSebastian FeldmannEnglish
18:15ClosingOndřej MirtesEnglish

Highlights from the Talks at PHP Developer Day 2023

Anke Häslich & Holger Woltersdorf - Opening Notes

Bio: Anke Häslich, the moderator of the event, has a rich history of community involvement. She has been moderating NeosCon and actively contributes to the open-source CMS Neos. Anke's dedication to the community makes her the perfect guide for this event.

Dr. Carola Lilienthal - How Cool is That?

Bio: Dr. Carola Lilienthal is a software architect and managing director at WPS - Workplace Solutions GmbH. With years of experience, she's a recognized authority on the future viability of software architectures.

Highlights: In her keynote, Dr. Carola Lilienthal went deep into the remarkable contributions made by developers to the world of software development over the past half-century. She highlighted how our field has evolved beyond mere programming, benefiting project managers, users, operations, and quality managers. Dr. Lilienthal's talk left attendees motivated and inspired for the subsequent lectures.

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Carsten Windler - Pimp Your PHP Code for the Planet - Save Time, Money, and Co₂ With Better Performance

Bio: Carsten is a seasoned PHP developer and a Principal Engineer at Plan A in Berlin. He's passionate about code quality and its environmental implications.

Highlights:  Carsten Windler addressed the critical issue of environmental impact and the importance of improving software performance. He emphasized that even small changes in code can have a significant impact on reducing CO₂ emissions, saving money, and enhancing the user experience. Attendees left with practical insights on optimizing their PHP code.


Sebastian Kurfürst - Debugging und Performance Profiling in der Praxis

Bio: Sebastian is a passionate software architect and coach with over 20 years of experience in open-source projects. He's also the co-founder of Sandstorm Media.

Highlights:  Sebastian Kurfürst's talk on debugging and performance profiling provided attendees with a methodical approach to finding and fixing errors in software development. He specifically focused on the challenges of performance profiling, offering insights into various tools and their efficient use. His comprehensive examination covered the entire application stack, including I/O and databases.

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Florian Engelhardt - Growing the PHP core - One Test at a Time

Bio: Florian is a software architect, technical consultant, and a proud dad of five kids.

Highlights: Florian Engelhardt's interactive session addressed the dream of becoming a PHP core contributor without going into the complexities of RFCs or C code. He demonstrated the process of contributing to the PHP core by writing tests, equipping attendees with essential testing techniques. His talk encouraged developers to become invaluable members of the PHP community, one test at a time.

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Sebastian Feldmann - Mastering Code Reviews: Effective Strategies for Teams

Bio: Sebastian is a software developer with extensive experience in web applications. He specializes in automation, performance, and maintainable code.

Highlights: Sebastian Feldmann focused on improving code reviews in his talk. He shared strategies for making code reviews more efficient and beneficial for both authors and reviewers.

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Roland Golla - Develop yourself - Open Source Brings Us All Further

Bio: Roland is a Cypress.IO ambassador, founder of TESTIFY.TEAM, and an advocate for mental health in the IT industry.

Highlights: Roland Golla's talk struck a chord with attendees, highlighting the challenges developers face in their career development journey. He shared strategies for building inner motivation and emphasized the benefits of participating in open source projects. Roland's insights resonated with those seeking personal growth and community involvement.

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Andreas Heigl - "Pardon my French" or The technical aspects of i18n and l10n

Bio: Andreas runs and is known for his expertise in topics like time, calendars, and remote work.

Highlights: Andreas Heigl explored the technical aspects of internationalization and localization in websites and applications. He provided practical solutions to common problems encountered in creating international websites. His talk was particularly beneficial for developers looking to navigate the complexities of catering to international users.


Ondřej Mirtes - Tuning PHPStan to Maximum Strictness

Bio: Ondřej is a full-time open-source software developer with a keen eye for code quality.

Highlights: Ondřej Mirtes, the creator of PHPStan, shared valuable insights into maximizing code strictness. Attendees learned about PHPStan's configuration options and their practical impact on code quality. Ondřej's talk aimed to make code more predictable and readable, ensuring better code quality.

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Networking and Socializing Opportunities

At the end of the event the time had come for the most effective and wonderful part. Yes Of Course, it was the time for Networking with the community members. It was a wonderful evening full of enthusiasm and excitement, meeting new people from around the community each having expertise in their respective fields. I personally enjoyed this a lot, here are a few glimpse from the same;


All this standout talks that graced PHP Developer Day 2023 in Dresden. The event provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and a chance to celebrate the vibrant PHP community.

As the event has concluded, we look forward to future gatherings where the PHP community can continue to thrive and innovate. Thank you to all the speakers, attendees, and organizers who made PHP Developer Day 2023 a resounding success!

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