TYPO3 Conference Schedule 2023 - 15th Edition of Biggest TYPO3 Event

TYPO3 Conference Schedule 2023 - 15th Edition of Biggest TYPO3 Event

We're back with some TYPO3 news for all TYPO3 enthusiasts! After two long years of waiting, the TYPO3 Conference 2023 is finally set to gear up for the 15 Edition of the TYPO3 Conference. and this time it's happening in the vibrant city of Düsseldorf, Germany.

The TYPO3 Conference has always been a highlight in the TYPO3 community, bringing together top Leading TYPO3 Agencies and fellow TYPO3 Community Experts Every year to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and Rewarding top Performing TYPO3 Projects entire TYPO3 Community.

This year, NITSAN Technologies is once again thrilled to announce its participation in the highly awaited TYPO3 conference of 2023, Our CEO, Nitin Chauhan, is eagerly looking forward to attending this prestigious event and actively engaging in the TYPO3 community.

NITSAN Technologies has been a dedicated contributor to the TYPO3 community for many years, and our commitment to this open-source CMS platform remains unwavering.

History of Düsseldorf - A City of Heritage and Center of Business hub

The year 2023 holds special significance for the TYPO3 community as it marks the return of the conference after two long years at Düsseldorf, Germany.

Situated in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf stands as a globally recognized hub for international commerce.

Let’s see some Significant history and Cultural heritage insights in Quick Notes.

Düsseldorf's cultural heritage is a testament to the city's vibrant past. Its roots can be traced back to the Roman period, with archaeological evidence of settlements 7000 years ago. The city is home to renowned institutions such as the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, which houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.

Düsseldorf was heavily bombed during World War II, but the city quickly recovered, and became a hub for business and commerce in postwar Germany.

But, Today Düsseldorf is recognized as a global center for events and a hub for business meetings.

T3CON23 - Event Schedule

Day-1 : Main Sessions Schedule
Time Topic SpeakerDiscussion Type
10:00-11:30Leader as Healer: Activating Whole-self IntelligenceNicholas JanniKeynote , Talk
11:30-12:00Networking & Coffee Break  
12:00-12:45Scaling Content for your Communication ArchitectureMathias ReinhardtTalk , Agility, Business 
13:00 -13:45Lunch Break & Networking  
13:45-14:45Podium Discussion – AI & ContentDeepa Mann-Kler,Mark Neufurth, Gianni BalistreriTalk , Podium Discussion , AI
15:00- 15:45AI Trinity – Practical Integration of Text, Image and Language in TYPO3Thomas Schöne, Boris Hinzer, Tim NeugebauerTalk , AI
16:00-16:45Analytics you Want vs. Analytics you NeedAlexander VeitTalk , Business
16:45-17:00Recap Day 1 & Outlook Day 2  
17:00- 18:00Networking & Get Ready for Awards Gala  
18:30-24:00TYPO3 Awards Gala at Altes Kesselhaus  
Day-2: Main sessions schedule
Time TopicSpeakerDiscussion Type
10:00- 10:45Everything Changes – But You? Agency and Digital Service Providers in a Harmonized WorldKathrin Keßler, Steffen Rainer WienbergTalk , Business
11:00- 11:45Unleashing the Power of ConnectivityWolfgang Fiebig, Claudia Deuster, Anja von KlitzingFacilitation , Trust
12:00-12:45Infrastructure as Code — How to Untangle the Knot Between your Deployment and InfrastructureMartin Helmich 
13:00-14:00Lunchbreak & Networking  
14:00-14:45Podium Discussion – Government & Digital SovereigntyMatt Raines, Jana Höffner, Nikolai JaklitschTalk , Podium Discussion ,Data Protection
15:00-15:45Quo Vadis EU Law: Balancing Digital Freedom, Privacy, and Consumer ProtectionNeil PeretzTalk ,transparan, data protection 
TYPO3 20|25Frank Nägler, Luisa Sofie Faßbender, Daniel Fau, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Ric van WesthreenenTalk ,Technology , Trust
16:45-17:30Networking & Goodbye  

About Speakers & Their Sessions


Opening Keynotes by Nicholas Janni
Don't miss the TYPO3 Conference 2023 as it kicks off with an enlightening keynote by Nicholas Janni, the brilliant author of the acclaimed 2023 Business Book of the Year, “Leader as Healer”.


Scaling Content for your Communication Architecture by Mathias Reinhardt
Mathias Reinhardt leads an illuminating session at t3con23 , on the art of "Scaling Content for your Communication Architecture." Don't miss this informative talk!


Podium Discussion on  AI & Content - by Deepa Mann-Kler, Mark Neufurth
Join Deepa Mann-Kler, an immersive tech expert from Neon, as she addresses the power of AI in content at t3con23. panel discussion will also feature insights from Mark Neufurth, Lead Strategist Marketing at IONOS SE, and Gianni Balistreri, Head of Machine Learning at Shopware AG, showcasing AI's real-world impact on digital sovereignty.

Desired Analytics vs. Essential Analytics – Presentation by Alexander Veit
In this Informative session, Alexander Veit, representing TWIPLA, will inspire attendees to rethink their data strategies, emphasizing the crucial role of purposeful and efficient data gathering in the business landscape. With over two decades of experience in IT and software, Alexander brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion, urging participants to align data practices with genuine business imperatives.


After an exhilarating day one at TYPO3 Conference 2023, participants have the perfect opportunity to network and prepare for the TYPO3 Awards Gala.

Day-2: Exploring the Spectrum of Diverse Unification

Adapting to Change - Agencies and Digital Services in a Unified World by Steffen Rainer Wienberg 
On day 2, Steffen Rainer Wienberg and Kathrin Keßler, representing Semikolon Consult, will provide insights into the changing dynamics of the agency business landscape in a world that seeks standardization. Their session will equip attendees with the skills to navigate the shifting terrain of agency operations, all the while preserving their distinctive identity in an environment that is in a constant state of evolution.


Exploring Potential of Connectivity 
On Day 2 of the TYPO3 Conference 2023, you won't want to miss Wolfgang Fiebig, Claudia Deuster, and Anja von Klitzing as they take the stage to take a session on the topic of 'Unleashing the Power of Connectivity.' In this engaging session, they will lead attendees on an illuminating journey of facilitation and connectivity.


Infrastructure as Code with Martin Helmich 
Join Martin Helmich for an enlightening session where he discuss on topic of the complexities of "Infrastructure as Code." In his talk, "How to Untangle the Knot Between Your Deployment and Infrastructure," Martin will guide you through the intricacies of streamlining and optimizing the relationship between your deployment processes and infrastructure setup.

Government's Role in Digital Sovereignty 
At T3CON 23, don't miss the insightful discussion on "Government's Role in Digital Sovereignty" featuring prominent speakers Matt Raines, Jana Höffner, and Nikolai Jaklitsch. Explore the critical intersection of technology and government policies in the digital age with these experts.

Future of TYPO3 
In the grand finale of the event, panel members Frank Nägler, Luisa Sofie Faßbender, Daniel Fau, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, and Ric van Westhreenen will lead a captivating discussion on the future of TYPO3 and commemorate its remarkable 25-year journey.

For a more in-depth look at the 'Bubble Talk' session,simply click here to explore further.

View Sessions  About Speakers

TYPO3 Conferance sponsors

IONOS will become the Patron Sponsor for the forthcoming TYPO3 Conference scheduled to take place on 12-13 October 2023.

Click here to view all Partner sponsor - Read More

TYPO3 Gala Award 2023

The TYPO3 Awards for 2023 have their nominees, with 65 projects selected from an impressive pool of 221 submissions. Spanning thirteen categories, these awards include the highly sought-after "TYPO3 Website of the Year" title.

What makes this year unique is the introduction of exclusive commemorative Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as prizes for the winners. The TYPO3 Gala Awards 2023 is scheduled for October 12, 2023, in Düsseldorf, Germany, offering TYPO3 CMS professionals and their clients an exciting event to look forward to.This year the host for the TYPO3 Gala Award 2023 will be Matt Beadle.

NITSAN Technologies is excited to announce its participation in the TYPO3 GALA Awards 2023. Our CEO, Nitin Chauhan, will be present at TYPO3 Conference and TYPO3 Gala Awards to connect, network, and engage with the vibrant TYPO3 community, clients, and fellow TYPO3 members. This gathering promises to be an excellent opportunity for collaboration and building strong relationships with TYPO3 Clients.

Contact Our CEO :
Email - nitin@nitsantech.com and Ph.no - +49 174 5229300

Launching TYPO3 ChatGpt Extension at T3CON23 by Our CEO

We have thrilling news for all TYPO3 enthusiasts! T3 Planet is set to launch theTYPO3 ChatGPT extension at the TYPO3 Conference 2023. The honor of this launch will be led by our visionary CEO, Nitin Chauhan.

TYPO3 Chatgpt Extension is an AI-powered Content Assistant that will take your TYPO3 experience to the next level.


In conclusion, TYPO3 Conference 2023 in Düsseldorf promises to be a Exciting return, for uniting TYPO3 enthusiasts worldwide. NITSAN Technologies eagerly awaits this gathering to strengthen our commitment to the TYPO3 community.

T3Planet's TYPO3 ChatGPT extension launch adds a futuristic touch. We're excited to connect with the TYPO3 community, clients, and members, fostering collaboration.

See you at #T3CON23! We're eagerly awaiting the presence of all TYPO3 enthusiasts for networking and collaborative opportunities.

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