Inside TYPO3 Conference 2023 in Düsseldorf

Inside TYPO3 Conference 2023 in Düsseldorf

After four long years, the TYPO3 Conference 2023 has finally returned, and this time it's hosted at Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

As an active contributor and the top-notch TYPO3 Development agency in the TYPO3 Community, Our CEO, Nitin Chauhan, was a passionate TYPO3 Lover, who always looked forward to attending TYPO3 Events. This time, he had the opportunity to attend the 15th International TYPO3 Conference in Düsseldorf.

Team NITSAN has been engaged with pre-preparations for the conference and finally was all set with preparations for the conference, awards, gifts and excitement! With a lot of excitement, Team NITSAN wished Bon voyage to Nitin Chauhan.

Fly From India to Germany

Nitin Chauhan took a flight from India to Germany to participate in the TYPO3 Conference 2023.

T3CON23 - Venue

This year, T3CON23 was hosted in the dynamic city of Düsseldorf, Germany. Situated in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf stands as a globally recognized hub for international commerce.

Day-1 at T3CON23

Our CEO Nitin Chauhan At TYPO3 Conference 2023
Our CEO Nitin Chauhan At TYPO3 Conference 2023
TYPO3 Conference 2023 - Venue
A Quick Not By Nicolas Janni
Attending T3CON23
Our CEO Nitin Chauhan At TYPO3 Conference 2023
TYPO3 Conference 2023 - Venue
A Quick Not By Nicolas Janni
Attending T3CON23

Day 1 at the TYPO3 Conference was a whirlwind of learning sessions, engaging talks, and invaluable meetups with both TYPO3 experts and the ever-friendly TYPO3 community. The Day kicked off with a thought-engaging session on "listening to yourself and others, allowing emotions and psychological safety" by Nicholas Janni to "Analytics You Want vs. Analytics You Need" by Alexander Veit.

Opening Keynotes by Nicholas Janni

On Day 1, Nicholas Janni Started the event with an Engaging Opening Keynotes on "Listening to Yourself and Others, Allowing Emotions, and Psychological Safety (Activating Whole-self Intelligence)." Nicholas Janni is  the author of the book "Leader as Healer – a New Paradigm for 21st Century Leadership''. His talk emphasized the importance of fostering a psychologically safe environment and embracing emotions as integral parts of decision-making and leadership in the 21st century.

Following the quick and insightful opening keynotes delivered by Nicholas Janni, attendees had the opportunity to recharge and network over some coffee.

Scaling Content for your Communication Architecture by Mathias Reinhardt

In his enlightening session, Mathias Reinhardt talked on the intricacies of "Scaling Content for your Communication Architecture." He provided valuable insights and shared a wealth of relevant facts on the topic, including how to define, track, and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for content.

Bubble Talks By TYPO3 Experts

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to insightful bubble talk sessions from industry leaders. in2code shared essential strategies for tackling the challenge of "Website Down... and now?" Meanwhile, dkd revealed how to efficiently manage 125 websites with a single team", offering invaluable efficiency tips +Pluswerk warned of the dangers of outdated content in the digital realm, shedding light on the importance of keeping digital estates fresh and relevant. These sessions provided a well-rounded perspective on the evolving landscape of web content management.

Podium Discussion on “AI & Content“

Following a series of insightful bubble talk sessions, the eagerly awaited main event commenced with three industry experts sharing their wisdom on the subject of "AI & Content." In this invaluable discussion, they explored numerous key points, such as the transformative power of AI in workflows. Deepa Mann-kler provided deep insights into data collection and analysis, addressing the interconnected realms of AI and machine learning. Mark Neufuth and Gianni Balistreri captivated the audience by addressing the vital human factors in the world of AI content, emphasizing ethical considerations, social implications, the importance of data, and the necessity of setting standards in this evolving landscape. This session was a thought-provoking journey into the future of content and AI.

Practical Integration of Text, Image and Language in TYPO3

After a refreshing coffee break and productive networking, the conference took an exciting turn with Boris Hinzer's live demo preview. Attendees were treated to a firsthand look at "automatic translation with TYPO3 and deepL," a game-changing feature supporting over 30 languages, various language variants and supporting formal and informal languages. The knowledge sharing continued as André Kraus took the stage. He talked about "GPT in TYPO3" and explored its far-reaching applications in the TYPO3 ecosystem. These sessions added a dynamic and innovative dimension to the event, showcasing the power of technology in language and content management.

Find the slide for Boris Hinzer's presentation on 'Automatic Translation with TYPO3 and DeepL- Read More

Concluding Day 1 with the Final Illuminating Talk by Alexander Veit

On the concluding Day 1, attendees were treated to the final illuminating talk by Alexander Veit, who delved into the thought-provoking topic of "Analytics You Want vs. Analytics You Need" This session was a knowledge-rich experience, offering attendees a wealth of new insights and valuable takeaways.

Following the conclusion of Alexander Veit's session, attendees had time to network and connect with TYPO3 enthusiasts, sharing experiences.

TYPO3 Gala Awards 2023

The much-awaited TYPO3 gala awards started at 18:30 PM at Altes Kesselhaus. This year's awards took on special attention. with nominees selected from an impressive pool of 221 submissions, totalling 65 outstanding projects. The awards covered a diverse range of 13 categories, with the prestigious "TYPO3 Website of the Year" title being a highly coveted honour.Jury member Baddy Sonja provides valuable insights into selection process for this year's #TYPO3 Award winners.

This Year, Nitin Chauhan(CEO of NITSAN) was among the distinguished attendees at the TYPO3 Gala Awards. During this event, he had the chance to connect with TYPO3 experts and friends, enhancing his professional network and building valuable relationships.

Category WinnerWebsite
Website of the YearTalan
CampaignTypoConsult A/
Enterpriseu+i interact 
FinanceSIWA Online 
GovernmentGAYA manufacture
SMBwebit! Gesellschaft für neue Medien
Sportcyberhouse GmbH & Co.
Personality of the YearAbdulhamid Kwieder 
Meeting with Phenomenal TYPO3 Person
TYPO3 Award Night 2023
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 - Music
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 Dinner Image 1
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 Dinner
Networking & Dinner With Fellow TYPO3 Peoples
Meeting with Phenomenal TYPO3 Person
TYPO3 Award Night 2023
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 - Music
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 Dinner Image 1
TYPO3 Award Night 2023 Dinner
Networking & Dinner With Fellow TYPO3 Peoples

Following the thrilling announcement of the TYPO3 Gala Award winners, the TYPO3 community gathered to celebrate these achievements with a delightful dinner and live music at the TYPO3 Gala Awards event. It was an evening filled with camaraderie, exquisite cuisine, and entertainment, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

Day 2 at T3CON23

Following the exhilarating TYPO3 Gala Award Night, Day 2 at T3CON23 commenced with a fresh wave of learning opportunities and renewed excitement. Attendees were eager to Learn insightful sessions and workshops, fostering their TYPO3 knowledge and connections.

In their insightful session , titled "Everything Changes – But You …? Agency and Digital Service Providers in a Harmonized World," by Kathrin Keßler and Steffen Rainer Wienberg  , They highlighted the importance of understanding customer needs and adapting to an environment marked by constant change and uncertainties. Keßler and Wienberg emphasized the sharing of knowledge and best practices to navigate the uncharted territory ahead. Their discussion also centered around the idea that solving complex problems in this dynamic industry requires collaborative efforts and innovative approaches. Their presentation served as a valuable guide for professionals in the field, offering insights into thriving amidst transformative challenges.

The Impact of Connectivity

Following a captivating session by Kathrin Keßler and Steffen Rainer Wienberg, another meaningful presentation was led by Wolfgang Fiebig, Claudia Deuster, and Anja von Klitzing. Their discussion centred around the theme "Unleashing the Power of Connectivity." They emphasized the importance of fostering a welcoming environment with clear goals in the ever-connected world.

The trio gave a talk on the significance of collaboration, particularly in working together on a shared project, highlighting the strength of international collaboration. Their insights extended to various facets of connectivity, paving the way for a holistic understanding of how harnessing connections can lead to remarkable achievements and shared successes.

Infrastructure as Code - Martin Helmich

After engaging in lively bubble talks and networking, attendees were treated to an enriching session led by Martin Helmich on the topic of "Infrastructure as Code."

Government's Role in Digital Sovereignty

During the insightful discussion led by Matt Raines and Jana Höffner, they shared valuable knowledge, focusing on key points such as the rationale behind selecting an operating system and the importance of ensuring better access to one's data, including the right to move code freely. Additionally, Nikolai Jaklitsch provided a unique perspective on "Government & Digital Sovereignty." He delved into topics like dismantling federal silo structures, enhancing the digital experience, and other critical aspects of the government's role in the digital realm. 

25 Years of TYPO3

The panel of TYPO3 members, including Frank Nägler, Luisa Sofie Faßbender, Daniel Fau, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, and Ric van Westhreenen, concluded their event with an insightful final talk. They covered various aspects, including the evolution of organizations within the TYPO3 ecosystem, notable security enhancements, the introduction of exciting new features, and, perhaps most importantly, the strategic vision for the future of TYPO3 CMS. Their final talk served as a fitting conclusion, leaving the audience with a clear perspective on the direction and vitality of the TYPO3 community.

Last but certainly not least, TYPO3 introduced its new partner programs, which promise to further strengthen its ecosystem. These include the TYPO3 Consultant Partner program, the TYPO3 Solution Partner program, and the TYPO3 Technology Partner program.

And Good Bye & See You Next Year !

The TYPO3 Conference 2023 in Düsseldorf was a resounding success, bringing together TYPO3 enthusiasts, experts, and innovators from across the globe. This long-awaited event featured inspiring sessions and workshops and offered a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. The gala awards ceremony added an element of prestige and recognition to the conference, celebrating the exceptional projects and contributions within the TYPO3 ecosystem.

This year, TYPO3 Conference 2023 was a memorable event for all TYPO3 enthusiasts. With the knowledge and connections gained from this event, attendees are now better equipped to contribute to the growth and innovation of TYPO3, ensuring its continued success in the years to come.

See You Next Year, And Keep Stay in Touch With us!

Happy TYPO3 Reading !

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