TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 June Edition

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 June Edition

Welcome to our monthly roundup of TYPO3 Insider Scoop, where we curate an exclusive collection of the TYPO3’s most recent updates, where the excitement knows no bounds!

In this June edition, we want to inform you about the latest happenings of the TYPO3 - a powerful content management system and share the exciting news from the TYPO3 community. Here we’re covering all the latest news to upcoming events, we've got it all covered. So, whether you're TYPO3 administrators, integrators, or developers, then this blog is only made for you. Let’s read the Comprehensive Overview & enjoy this TYPO3 insider scoop for June 2023!

Report from 2-day Code Sprint at TYPO3 office

The TYPO3 community recently organized a thrilling “Two-Day Code Sprint” at their offices located in Düsseldorf, Germany. This intensive event brought together with TYPO3 Documentation Team, TYPO3 board, talented developers, and freelancers in one meeting room. The Code Sprint started with Docs Tasks. Throughout the event, participants engaged in productive discussions, brainstorming sessions, code reviews, and collaborative atmosphere.

The TYPO3 community demonstrated their commitment to fostering face-to-face interactions and strengthening the bonds within the community. The event showcased the vibrant spirit and dedication.

TYPO3 12.4.2 and 11.5.28 maintenance releases published

Recently, The article on TYPO3 News discusses two significant maintenance releases updates: TYPO3 12.4.2 and 11.5.28. The TYPO3 12.4.2 release is part of the TYPO3 v12 series, which is the latest major version. TYPO3 12.4.2 aims to optimize the functionality and stability of TYPO3 installations with bug fixes and performance enhancements. The TYPO3 11.5.28 release provides maintenance updates, bug fixes, and security improvements. 

In this article, users are required to clear all caches; keep updating TYPO3 installations and provide links to download the latest versions to take advantage of the improvements and fixes.

Announcement of Core Mergers 2023

The announcement of Core Mergers 2023 has generated considerable excitement within the TYPO3 community. This consolidation process involves the inclusion of new members to the team responsible for shaping the future of TYPO3's Core. This highly anticipated development signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of TYPO3 as a powerful content management system.

T3CON23: Call for TYPO3 Award Submissions

Want to Nominate your project to win one of the official TYPO3 Awards? The article talks about how the TYPO3 Awards have made a comeback, and the deserving winners will be honored during the grand Award Ceremony at T3CON23! By participating in the TYPO3 Award Submissions, you not only have the opportunity to gain recognition for your hard work but also you will inspire. 

The registration started from June 20th, 2023, and they cordially invite you to submit your exceptional TYPO3 projects. You can register for the TYPO3 Awards Gala anytime before September 1st, 2023. Submit your entry for the TYPO3 Awards today and get ready for an unforgettable event full of celebration and recognition at T3CON23.

Upcoming TYPO3 Events In July 2023

TYPO3 facilitates a Sprint Event, ensuring a stress-free environment for participants to make contributions. The sprint offers numerous advantages, including skill enhancement and active engagement within the community. It provides clear guidance to participants, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience throughout the event.

TYPO3 also guides participants on how to join the event during the sprint. You can join two remarkable events: #CommunitySprint and TYPO3 Remote Contribution Day. Don’t miss out!

Wrap Up!

Join the TYPO3 journey today and embark on a path of growth and innovation. Keep your senses heightened. Stay tuned, for the chapters of TYPO3's Insider Scoop for more such updates are yet to be written with NITSAN! 

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