TYPO3 Insider Scoop - February 2023 Edition

We are excited to announce the launch of our new monthly updates blog series, named "TYPO3 Insider Scoop"

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - February 2023 Edition

Here, we will cover all the latest news and developments in the TYPO3 community for that particular month. This is the first blog of the series, and we will be discussing the newest features, updates, and announcements from February 2023. Stay tuned to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the world of TYPO3, and how they can benefit your website and online presence.

TYPO3 12.2.0, 11.5.23 and 10.4.36 security releases published

It has been reported that TYPO3 has released security updates for several versions including 10.4.36, 11.5.23, and 12.2.0. These updates include significant security fixes, making it critical for users to update their TYPO3 installations promptly to ensure optimal security measures. It is highly recommended that users take necessary precautions and implement these updates immediately.

TYPO3 v12.2—Around The World

TYPO3 v12.2 was released globally with improved features, making it easier for developers to create websites. It comes with significant improvements in performance and stability, a new dashboard, and better usability. This version is also more secure, with important security patches included. Read More Here!

TYPO3 Clarifies Vision, Mission, and Purpose in Latest Article

TYPO3 has recently released an article titled "Putting the Vision, Mission, and Purpose for the TYPO3 Project into Words" on their website. The article aims to provide a clear understanding of TYPO3's direction and goals as a project, emphasizing their community-driven approach to open-source development. The piece discusses the importance of creating a shared understanding of TYPO3's vision and mission, and how it informs their decision-making processes. With this article, TYPO3 hopes to reinforce their commitment to transparency and community involvement in their development process.

TYPO3 11.5.24 Maintenance Release Published

TYPO3 has released a maintenance update, version 11.5.24, that includes security enhancements and bug fixes. This update is recommended for all TYPO3 users to ensure the security and stability of their websites. More information can be found on the TYPO3 website.

Lina Wolf - New Documentation Team leader

Martin Bless has stepped down from his position as the leader of the Documentation Team. However, he will remain a part of the team and provide his continued support. Lina Wolf will be taking over as the new Documentation Team leader.

Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2022

Check out TYPO3 Documentation Team's annual report for 2022! It covers the team's achievements, challenges, and plans for the future. Learn about their efforts to improve documentation quality and accessibility, and their goals to enhance the user experience. Read more now on TYPO3's website!

New GDPR-Compliant TYPO3 Association Member-API

Now you can easily verify if a TYPO3 member is really using the new Member-API at typo3.org/check-member. Just input an email address and the API will display "found member" or "no member found" along with the membership type for valid members. The page is fully GDPR-Compliant and displays no personal information.

Nominations Open for TYPO3 Board Members

Are you passionate about TYPO3's future? As a developer and non-code contributor, your vision and commitment can help guide and serve the community. The TYPO3 Board and Business Control Committee (BCC) have open positions that you can nominate yourself for. Join us and make a difference! Checkout complete details on the Official site.

Upcoming TYPO3 Events In March 2023

TYPO3 organized a sprint, making it easy for participants to contribute without stress. The sprint provided benefits such as skill improvement and community involvement. TYPO3 guided participants on how to join the event and avoid any difficulties during the sprint.

March 9-11 - Web Camp Venlo
Venlo, Netherlands

The 8th edition of Web Camp Venlo is fast approaching, and it promises to be an exciting event. Join this international camp and explore the latest developments in Open Source CMS, PHP, project management, SEO, and TYPO3. The good news is that this year, the camp will run for three days instead of two, providing even more opportunities to learn, network, and have fun.

March 11-18 - T3BOARD23—Back to the Dolomites
Canazei (TN), Italy

T3BOARD-Event 22 is set to take place in Val di Fassa in Trentino, following a successful event in the same location in 2018. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with fellow TYPO3 enthusiasts and experience the latest advancements in web development.

March 14-16 - Meet TYPO3 at Everything Open 2023
Melbourne, Australia

Everything Open is a forum where the TYPO3 open-source CMS can be presented and developers can come together to exchange ideas and discuss solutions to common challenges in open-source software. This grassroots conference focuses on open technologies, the community surrounding the movement, and the values it represents. Organized by Linux Australia, Everything Open covers a wide range of topics, such as open data, open hardware, and open GLAM. It's an excellent opportunity for developers to stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in the open-source community.

March 23-25 - TYPO3camp Mitteldeutschland (T3CMD) 2023
Dresden, Germany

For more updates and details, make sure to regularly check typo3camp-mitteldeutschland.de.

March 27 - TYPO3 Usergroup Ruhr März
Düsseldorf, Germany

TYPO3 Usergroup Ruhr holds regular meetings, typically on the last Monday of each month, with a focus on the local community. The language spoken at these events is German. The meetings will take place at the TYPO3 GmbH offices in Düsseldorf, starting at 6:30 pm. More information about the group can be found on their website.

Well that's all for this Month! Stay Tunned for more such updates!

Posts by Nitin Chauhan

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