TYPO3 Insider Scoop - March 2023 Edition

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the latest updates and news from the world of TYPO3!

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - March 2023 Edition

Our blog is dedicated to bringing you the most important information about this powerful open-source content management system, including new releases, feature updates, and community events. With TYPO3 constantly evolving and improving, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. That's why we've created this monthly digest to help you keep track of everything that's happening in the TYPO3 world. So, whether you're a developer, site administrator, or content creator, join us each month for a comprehensive overview of the latest happenings in the TYPO3 universe.

General Assembly and 25th Anniversary Celebration

The annual TYPO3 Association General Assembly is an event where members attend and important matters are discussed. This includes presentations of the Board's annual report, financial statements, and reports from auditors and business control committees. The budget and program of activities for the upcoming year are also presented. The results of online voting for the board and committee members are officially approved. Additionally, complaints against executive bodies and appeals against expulsions or rejections of provisional admissions are addressed.

It will be organized on 14th April 2023. You can also join that Online. You can register for the General Assembly anytime before 14th April.

You can also Register for the upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration from the same link.

Digital Sovereignty Based on the Example of TYPO3

Focus being laid on the creation of a digital sovereignty index using TYPO3 as an example. How governments and organizations evaluate their digital sovereignty. The index takes into account various factors such as data privacy, data security, and open-source software usage. The article discusses the need for digital sovereignty and independence, and how this index can be a useful tool for achieving those goals. However, it should be noted that the index is still in development and has not been fully implemented yet.

Exploring the TYPO3 Community’s Values

It explores the values of the TYPO3 community and how they shape the development of the TYPO3 CMS. Through surveys and interviews, the community's values are identified as including openness, transparency, inclusivity, and quality. These values inform the community's decision-making processes and are reflected in the development of TYPO3. The article also highlights the importance of community involvement and collaboration in shaping the future of the CMS. Overall, the article emphasizes the significance of values in driving the development of TYPO3 and fostering a strong and supportive community.

TYPO3 for government websites in Rwanda

It presents a report on the use of TYPO3 for government websites in Rwanda. The report highlights the benefits of using TYPO3 for government websites, including its flexibility, security, and user-friendliness. It also discusses some of the challenges faced during the implementation process, such as the need for training and technical support.

Overall, the report suggests that TYPO3 has been successful in meeting the needs of the Rwandan government's digital infrastructure, and has helped to improve the accessibility and functionality of government websites. The report concludes by recommending TYPO3 as a suitable platform for other governments and organizations looking to establish a strong online presence.

TYPO3 11.5.25 maintenance release published

Certainly! The article announces the release of TYPO3 version 11.5.25, which is a maintenance release aimed at fixing bugs and improving the stability and performance of the TYPO3 CMS. This includes several bug fixes and security improvements, and users are encouraged to update to this latest version to ensure their websites are secure and running smoothly.

Content Blocks as a TYPO3 Core system extension

It shows the importance of content blocks in web design and development using TYPO3 CMS. Content blocks are modular pieces of content that can be easily added, edited, and arranged within a page layout to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. It highlights some of the key benefits of using content blocks, such as improved content management, design flexibility, and better SEO performance. It also provides some examples of how content blocks can be used effectively in TYPO3, including creating landing pages, building navigation menus, and creating custom content elements. Read the complete blog here.

Candidates for Board and Business Control Committee Elections, 2023

The period for nominating candidates for the TYPO3 Association Board and Business Control Committee (BCC) elections has concluded, and the list of  candidates is as follows: 
TYPO3 Association Board

Business Control Committee (BCC)

Inter-Project Documentation Rendering Code Sprint

At the TYPO3 office in Düsseldorf, Germany, a gathering of members from at least four open-source projects is scheduled for 20 and 21 April 2023. The purpose of the meeting is to advance PHP-based reStructuredText parsing.


TYPO3 Announces the release of the latest TYPO3 Version 12.3 packed with 45 new features, such as Outgoing Webhooks, Security Improvements, Enhanced Element Browser Features, Developer features and new CLI commands.

Web Camp Venlo 2023

Web Camp Venlo 2023 was a three-day event, with each day having a specific focus and intended for a particular audience. On the first day, attendees could participate in deep-dives on technical developer topics, while the second day featured talks from industry experts that catered more towards the business side of things. The event concluded with a barcamp-style day, which provided participants with a variety of topics that were suggested and presented directly by the attendees.

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