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Upgrading to powerful TYPO3 version 9

Industry : Space Technology

Project Duration : June 2020 - August 2020

In this case study, our partner, Aviso a satellite managing and developing organization, helps organizations serving their research and information. The project required TYPO3 Upgrade of their official and their network forum website from TYPO3 version 6 to TYPO3 version 9 for which there was no automated migration path. The goal was to deliver just the minimum viable project to meet scope/quality, compatibility, concrete deliverables, deadline, and budget.

Business Needs

  • Implemented a fully responsive theme based on existing design
  • Migration of data (with massive data transformation and clean-up) from different database sources
  • Upgrade of outdated TYPO3 Forum extension to TYPO3 version 9 that was abandoned by the community developers
  • Upgrading scripts for ongoing data migrations from database to TYPO3
  • Upgrading obsolete, non compatible TYPO3 extension, 18 in total
  • Over 1600+ pages to be migrated
  • Built to scale up
  • CI/CD approach
  • Product engineering using agile and lean approach - first prototype built in two months
  • All content and custom Content Types, All files, including the online document repository
  • All Users and Roles, All Taxonomy terms, All custom Webforms
  • Recreated and improved complex workflows needed by content managers and external partners
  • Implemented complex role-based access control
  • Customized SOLR search implementation in support of access control and workflow needs
  • Security improvements
  • Expanded content manager tools to support: Extending the look and feel, Link checking
  • SEO setup and impact evaluation




Monthly Traffic


Plugins to Upgrade


Increase in sessions

Needs & Solutions

Databse & Data Representation


The previous TYPO3 version and data representation had been around for 4-5 years and had grown along the way to meet the changing requirements of the space research data publishing, without any documentation whatsoever. The database therefore was in a bad shape from a design perspective, with redundant tables and data, adding to the confusion.


NITSAN proposed to break the project into multiple phases, with the first being a pilot for data migration of the DTE database, which formed the bulk of the data, into an open source Content Management System.

Template Upgrade


Rebuilding the existing site theme with Fluid, so that there was very little or no change to the look and feel of the finished TYPO3v6 site. This required a complete inventory of all the customized page layouts.


The completed project resulted in design, dual theme tones, improvements in functionality, performance, usability, security, and mobile readiness, and positioned the company to maximize their data publishing and management efficiency.

Rebuilt Custom TYPO3 Extensions

Upgrading obsolate, non compatible TYPO3 extension, 18 in total

Our team rebuilt nearly 18 custom modules that were existing on their TYPO3 v6 site to TYPO3 v9. Some of the custom modules includes Aviso Multimedia, Advanced Frontend Editing, Aviso Calval, Aviso PHP Template, TYPO3 Forum Extension, etc

Enhanced Web Experience

Enhanced Web Experience

To give customers better access to information, we implemented Open Solr Search that provides accurate research information on the site with advanced filters. Our UX experts further enhanced display of events in the calendar, blog and news/listing pages and made the experience much more relevant and engaging for end users.

Better User Roles and Permission Management

Better User Roles and Permission Management

Our team developed login section for their research partner to edit and publish the page deatils. More over developed a "Aviso Meeting" website for Aviso employees to access different areas of the site to add or edit content. A customized admin dashboard was developed for exclusive access by the Super Administrator for managing user roles and permissions better and built a dashboard for Store admin to access information on store orders and customers.

Team Composition


Project Leader


FrontEnd Developer


TYPO3 Developer



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