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Bizopsforum Fresh TYPO3 Website Development For Leading Germany Based IT Project Management Agency

Industry : Forums & Meetings

Project Duration : December 2020 - January 2021

NITSAN is lucky to have an exceptional partner network of the world’s best creative agencies, digital innovators and ambitious technologists. Digital agency Bizopsforum has been a preferred partner of NITSAN and has a well-earned performance, speed and marketing results buy developing their website with TYPO3.

Bizopforum underwent TYPO3 relaunch with latest TYPO3 version 10 to create a component-based design system that allow us to create an entire suite of mix and match components that could build different types of pages. These components worked to create a more personalized and relevant experience. We wanted to introduce more dynamic content elements and blend together visuals and text to flow effortlessly from one section to the next.

Business Needs

  • TYPO3 Integration & Development
  • Better Content Management & Flexibility
  • Intranet
  • Deployment with Azure CI/CD Approach
  • Security Concerns
  • Website Look Weight and Performace
  • Different UX/UI Interaction
  • Client's Unfamiliarity with TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Development




Elements Developed



Needs & Solutions

TYPO3 Integration & Development

Bizopsforum TYPO3 website development approach

  • The solution was to design and develop a simple HTML/CSS and Bootstrap based website with the design provided by client.
  • The design integration was ultra responsive and has been compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • TYPO3 integration with Fluid/Flux templating, utilization of TYPO3 core elements and heavily customization custom element development.

Better Content Management & Flexibility

The client was unaware of how TYPO3 works and as so needed very simple where elements and content could be displayed and managed in easy manner.

  • 15+ content elements with easy customization options were developed
  • Developed elements such that any content element can be used anywhere at any page system without affecting page design and styling.
  • Screen dump guidance and instructions for content management team
  • Simple backend layout options
  • Implemented Grid Container System
  • Provided flexibility to manage any content to any page system
  • Usage many TYPO3 core elements
  • Integrated easy and flexible content elements
  • Provided detailed “Backend Manual”
  • We have given screen share demo


  • An intranet module was developed for internal use for website administrators.
  • Individual rights at seniority levels could be provided.

Deployment with Azure CI/CD Approach

  • Workflow, deployment and development was done simultaneously with Microsoft Azure's Continuous integration and continuous deployment approach.
  • We're working with AWS, and Linux CID/CD approach but CI/CD with Azure was new to us and was handled very efficiently by us and client as well.

Security Concerns

Client switched from WordPress to TYPO3 as their WordPress website got hacked thrice. Needed robust security and GDPR implementations with TYPO3.

  • Rigid security audit, & implementation of number of changes that allowed us to eliminate potential threats.
  • Use of TYPO3 Core Security
  • GDPR Implementations with Cookiebot and Cookiebar extensions was done.

Website Look Weight and Performance

  • The website is good-looking on all available platforms and screens
  • The website is very lightweight and simple as requested
  • A client reached online presence and has an opportunity to get more attention.

Different UX/UI Interaction

From a technical standpoint, the website is charged with a multitude of graphical elements with filters, labels, and complex design elements that have to be customizable and mobile responsive.

  • But on the other hand, all these criteria aren’t difficult to create and implement once there is a good amount of TYPO3 and web development experience hand in hand as NITSAN has. Which is why, despite its complexity, we can’t say that we occurred any serious technical challenges.

Client's Unfamiliarity with TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Development

The client was bit unfamiliar with TYPO3 CMS so it was challenging to be on the same page while development and progress tracking

  • The key factor for this smooth and efficient project was the right communication. It was an ongoing communication with CI/CD Approach.
  • This way even if there were any minor deviation from the main project scope, everything was quickly solved before it went too far with design or development.
  • Regular communication and availability for demonstration wherever client needed assistance.


Project Leader


Front-end Developers


TYPO3 Developers


QA & Tester

Website Screenshots

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