Century Casinos, Inc.

Remarkable Multi-Domain Casio Website built with TYPO3 V10.

Industry : Entertainment

Project Duration : February 2017 - Today (Support & Maintenance)

www.cnty.com The widespread project lies within a centralized website consisting of 13 domains of various cities & different sports where the Century Casino has spread its wings. The project manages all these 13 domains and all those domains are managed by a single backend.

Each domain consists of various functions and tasks such as you'll get a quick overview of all aspects of real money gambling covering everything from the latest news to getting started & getting registered, different games and their betting types also with the finest information about the restaurants and bars at each casino. The backend also consists of different types of users with access permissions of domains and modules. It is a complete guide for every domain that includes everything a Casino fan needs to know. Some of key highlights of project were,

  • Backend Usability
  • Auto-Sign In
  • Multi-site Management
  • Website Performance

Business Needs


Monthly Visitors




Web Pages


Loading Time

Needs & Solutions

Backend Usability


  • Many backend “non-technical” editors for each sites
  • Should be very easy to understand and work with the backend management


  • Simple backend layout options
  • Implemented Grid Container System
  • Provided flexibility to manage any content to any page system
  • Maximum usage many TYPO3 core elements
  • Integrated easy and flexible content elements
  • Provided detailed “Backend Manual”
  • And, wherever required, we have given screen share demo

Multi-site Management


  • CNTY contains many main and microsites
  • Maintain many of the layouts and themes
  • Administrator should be able to easily add and maintain new site from the TYPO3 backend


  • Developed custom theme extension to manage themes and layout
  • Setup proper multisite and multilingual using TYPO3 core and EXT:realurl
  • Future extensibility, where the administrator can manage multisite with Best backend usability provided to add/edit/hide - sites from backend using TYPO3 page tree, TS constant, Global configuration, Localization etc.,
  • Maintain coding standards to make sure each change applies well to every-sites.

Auto-Sign In

Google sign-in module

This plugin gives your users the ability to sign in with their G Suite account. If they don’t have a user account on your site and they try to sign in, an account will be created for them (if their email address domain is listed in the restricted domains).

This is great for Agencies or sites that have lots of users and need a way to make signing in a quick and painless process.


  • Show/Hide the “Log In with Google” button on the login form
  • Restrict user logins to a specific domain
  • If a user is already logged in to Google, they will be automatically redirected without much fuss
  • Connect existing user accounts with a Google account

Website Performance

Speed & Performance, Google Insight Rank

To enhance CNTY's website's speed and performance we profmed following practices,

  • CDN Integration covering all domains
  • Lazyload implementation
  • CSL
  • Compressed, minified and optimized CSS and JavaScripts

Team Composition


Project Leader


Front-end Developer


TYPO3 Developer



Website Screenshots

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