Fischer And Friends

Relaunching website from TYPO3 to Strapi/React Headless

Industry : Information Technology

Project Duration : October 2020 - December 2020

Fischer And Friends is a web development technology partner that helps businesses grow by making their software products more agile, the team more productive, and the process more centralized. Learn how NITSAN developed their coorporate website used Strapi to develop an omnichannel content hub and to overcome their issues with slow website and page load, bulky code, repeated crashes.




Faster Website


Increased Efficiency

Needs & Solutions

Core Challenges

Important crucial challenges

  • Replace clunky legacy CMS
  • Scalable content operations
  • Localization capabilities


  • Autonomous content editors
  • Freedom to format via the rich-text editor
  • Localization at the click of a button

Simplified Architecture

Needed Simplified architecture & improved developer agility

NITSAN's Strapi development team was able to build a system that didn’t require a custom backend, which simplified their architecture. Instead, they used the Content tooling from the Strapi ecosystem and RTE to meet their needs. Their developers were also able to move and iterate faster, letting them add real value to the front end without any technical complexity.

Speed & Performance

Required Improvement in speed and performance

The client needed their website to be blazing fast. Opting with Strapi and React Js as the building blocks of their website was their expectation for improved website speed and performance.


FAF has successfully increased content publishing to match their brand needs and goals while alleviating development dependencies...While implementing Strapi React FAF's website was 75% faster, publish content 90% more quickly, and has boosted productivity by 50%.”

Team Composition


Dedicated Project Executive


Strapi Developer


React Developer


QA & Testers

Website Screenshots

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