TYPO3 FAQ Extension

Informative & Easy-to-navigate TYPO3 FAQ plugin

Why FAQ Extension, The Motive!

TYPO3 FAQ seems to be a very small function but it is too important if you wish to anticipate clients’ inquiries and reduce the time and cost of the Support team. Embedding a FAQ section may also help share more details about your products and services, focus attention on their benefits, and eliminate any possible misconceptions and doubts to increase your sales.

We couldn't find a rich level TYPO3 extension from TER that could contain categorization, nesting levels, tag management, and so we developed a custom TYPO3 FAQ extension for effortlessly creating, editing, and embedding FAQs and Accordions on your TYPO3.

One can get categories Layouts and Styling Options and Animation Effects. Moreover, search, moderation, and form management are also included. It's truly the ultimate TYPO3 FAQ extension for a reason

You can create FAQ posts, assign them categories & tags and use responsive Toggle or Accordion-style, and display FAQs anywhere on the website. Key features of TYPO3 FAQ extensions are

  • Modern User-friendly UI
  • FAQ Nesting & Levels
  • FAQ Submission
  • Manage FAQs & Categories
  • Social media sharing
  • E-mail notification
  • FAQ Styling
  • FAQ Moderation

Technologies We Have Used for This Extension

Needs & Solutions

Modern User-friendly UI

Modern User-friendly UI

NS-FAQs extension built with modern UI design elements. It provides you total customization facility as per your design requirements.


Dedicated dashboard for Statistics, FAQ Summary Etc.

Use Any TYPO3 Elements

Easily add any TYPO3 content elements int Answers.

FAQ Nesting & Levels

FAQ Nesting

  • FAQ Nesting valid up to 3 levels
  • Configure FAQ at Multiple pages

FAQ Levels and it's use

  • Scroll To Top
  • FAQ Toggle & Accordion
  • Categories Toggle & Accordion
  • Expand/Collapse all FAQs with single click

FAQ Submission

Site Visitors Can Submit Own FAQ

With this functionality any site visitors can submit their question or query. Admin can easily answer and moderate these question from TYPO3 backend.

Selected FAQs

this feature allowes you to display Selected FAQs

Manage FAQs & Categories

Manage FAQs & Categories

You can create various categories for different Type of FAQs. With NS-FAQs extension you can add, edit and delete FAQs and categories with complete ease.

System Categories

You can set FAQs as per categories of questions

Sub Categories

This facility provides you to add sub categoy of FAQs.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing of FAQ

Provides Facility to share Questions & Answers to their favorite social media Platform.

E-mail notification

E-mail notification

Relevant parties are notified of certain actions by e-mail, and all e-mails are customizable. Choose from a selection of email notifications (new ticket, close ticket, re-open ticket, and other custom conditions, etc)

FAQ Styling

FAQ styling options

FAQs Questions and Answers Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)

Set Custom CSS

Custom CSS option allows you to change FAQ design accordingly your websites look & feel. So, you don’t need to sacrifice with your website design preferences.

Animation options

Animation and Effects for FAQs

Other Important Styling features

  • Set icons for FAQ and Categories
  • Icons Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)
  • Block & Border Block Themes
  • FAQs Questions and Answers Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)
  • Categories Layouts and Styling
  • Heading Style Options
  • Animation and Effects for FAQs

FAQ Moderation

FAQ Moderation

FAQ Moderation from Backend and Email

Extension Screenshots

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