Christmas celebration - 2018 at NITSAN

25 Dec 2018

NITSAN celebrates Christmas with gifts from Secret Santa and Fun activities.

While Santa Claus was around to reach with Jingle Bells and lots of surprise gifts, we at NITSAN were excited with Christmas mood. As christmas is the festival to spread happiness, kindness and love, so to fulfill the excitement and merry feel among employees, we had Christmas Celebrations at NITSAN with entertainment-filled events and of course a lot of surprises. We decorated all the departments with illuminating Christmas trees, balloons, snowflake patterns on the entrance & in cubicles to give the perfect look & feel of christmas. The workspaces were blooming in red color as the employees also followed the Red & White dress-code for the day.

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas!

Yippee it's Christmas! The ambiance of the office was filled with christmas vibes. Everyone greeted each other a merry christmas and all were happy and caroling the famous Christmas song “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells”. Everyone also looked fabulous in the red and white dress code. All of us were surprised with the fantastic Santa cap and little gift for each of us.

Christmas at NITSAN is incomplete without SECRET SANTA!

Secret Santa is known as the greatest joy-giving in our office. It is super funny and somehow amazing to surprise someone who usually is not on your list, and there is a double element of surprise when you get your present and finally find out who is your Secret Santa! Everyone picks up a chit with names written on it and has to bring a gift for them so everyone becomes a secret santa for one another!

Finally, in the evening the party was started by spreading joy by exchanging gifts with each other. We were really excited to know what our friends got in their gift. Everyone was happy with their received gifts and some of the gifts were funny as well. There were many comments coming from their friends for funny gifts by making some fun together and made the party atmosphere alive.

Game time!

One becomes a child when it’s game time in NITSAN. We enjoyed playing “Catch the snow” game in pairs of two! One player throws snowball from a fixed position and the other player has to catch that ball in a basket from their fixed position. The team with maximum number of snowballs in a minute wins the game!

The Christmas celebration at the office ended with lots of goodies, cheers, happiness and smiles on the face and wishing for next year to give lots of courage, power and happiness.