Navratri Celebration at NITSAN - 2022

03 Oct 2022

Team NITSAN recently celebrated Navaratri to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga and strengthen employee bonding on this auspicious occasion.

The event was organized on the 26th of September in Bhavnagar, India. Navaratri is one of the most important and major nine-day festivals, which marks the arrival of Goddess Durga and Chamunda. People worship her with great devotion and offer their prayers, observing fast in the process.

Navratri Celebration

This year, the NITSAN family celebrated Navratri with great enthusiasm and devotion by doing Garba Sthapna at the office premises. At NITSAN, we celebrated Navratri with excitement as any other Indian festival and we wait every year for this beautiful festival.

Chamunda Maa Arrives with Garba!

Here comes Devi with her blessings in Garba to our office to shower their grace upon us. Traditionally, Garba is performed around an earthen pot (garbo) with a lamp inside, which is called a 'Garbha Deep.' This representation is symbolic. The lantern symbolizes life - the fetus in the womb, in particular. The pot itself is a symbol of the body, within which divinity resides. The first day is always very exciting and culturally rich as everyone is excited to perform Aarti to the goddess. Everyone is happy and excited to start this journey with all the love and affection towards this holy time period.

Navratri Adhyashakti Aarti

Aarti is a cultural and religious way of inaugurating something or announcing the start of something good. We all gather in one place, pray and make wishes to almighty Adhyashakti Chamunda Maa to take away all problems and stay at our office. We worshiped lord Maa with Morning and evening aartis with offerings of flowers, jaggery, and sweets!

It’s Garba Time! Are Haloooo!

The Navratri festival was celebrated with a standout Garba performance where employees had great fun and thrill while matching the steps with the tempo of the music. They were all dressed in traditional Gujarati attire, which filled the atmosphere with excitement.

Garba is a folk dance form of Gujarat, which is usually performed during the auspicious occasion of Navratri. We celebrated by wearing traditional clothes and etiquette. Dancing, playing religious music to create a celebrated vibe, eating delicious food, clicking photos, laughing, and whatnot?

We at NITSAN believe in celebrating every festival with great passion and vigor to imbibe its cultural values of it. The celebrations also highlight the true spirit of employee bonding showcasing NITSAN as a family.