NITSAN’s never ending love for Diu - 2019 Trip

19 Jun 2019

NITSAN spends monsoon weekend at Diu with unlimited memories, fun, and smiles.

NITSAN has planned for a big fat weekend trip to Diu. This time, the team decided to travel Diu — the place where everyone plans to go, but seldom do those plans come to fruition! But with NITSAN, we are always ready for an adventure!

We initiated our fun journey at 12 AM from Bhavnagar together chatting up, listening to songs and playing antakshari. The night rolled into the day as we reached our "Tulsishyam".

There are three hot water sulfur springs near the temple that is believed to have curative powers. Some enjoyed bathing as well as some enjoyed soaking their feet into the hot springs. We also visited the beautiful ancient temple of Lord Vishnu, did trekking to a hill nearby and the view from the top was totally spectacular!

To crave our morning hunger, we had breakfast at Tulsishyam and enjoyed yummy theplas, gathiya, spicy namkeen, sweet crunches along with CHAI!

Woah! Diu it is!
Soon we reached our destination Diu! Yippiee! The weather was amazing, a warm welcome awaited us at our hotel where we checked in and headed to our individual rooms to get fresh for the new day. We had our lunch and then left to explore Diu! You can assume our happiness and excitement level from the pics below.

We headed to explore the monumental museum of Diu and ancient church. We were astonished and surprised with such a beautiful ambiance and cravings of the monuments.

First Sight of the Ocean

And then comes the perfect time to visit the beach and watch the sunset! Excited and energized everyone directly rushed to sea without looking behind! We played, swam, screamed and ran into water bodies till the authorities asked us to come out of the water as it was getting dark.

Dozing off with salt water on your hair and skin to the gentle hum of the ocean and the crashing of the waves- 10/10 would do it again. The day ended with a pleasant dinner and playing badminton at the jetty.

Old Diu - The Diu Fortress

A trip to Diu would be incomplete without visiting its forts and strolling around. So, we stopped in to visit the famous Fortaleza de São Tomé. We had enough time to explore the huge fort with the large lighthouse located at one end of the fortress. Even now the ruins of the walls, gateways, arches, ramps, bastions of the fort provide an impressive view of the extent of military defenses that the fort provided in the past. Within the fort, well laid-out gardens have paths bordered by old cannons.

Naida Caves

Located outside the Diu city, the caves have the most spectacular network of tunnels and huge step-like structures that made all of us awestruck! These caves have a natural opening that allows sunlight to enter the caves, making it all the more photogenic and beautiful. Unfortunately, because of the clock's tick-tock it was time to leave :( We hoped to spare more time in caves exploring its serenity.

Old Diu - The Diu Fortress Ship Fun moments
Old Diu - The Diu Fortress Ship Fun moments
Naida Caves - Amazing Team Photos
Naida Caves - Amazing Team Photos
Old Diu - The Diu Fortress Ship Fun moments
Naida Caves - Amazing Team Photos


The lunch for the final day was arranged at our hotel. Everyone felt much better after the great Gujarati kathiyawadi food and the pleasant atmosphere. The entire arrangement was a perfect end to a perfect trip.

The return journey started as we said goodbye to Diu and started for Bhavnagar. The mangrove forests, shorelines, and tunnels slowly passed by as the return journey started.

The journey matters as much as the destination – this could be understood if someone had witnessed our journey, the crazy and opened up the mood and singing songs in the worst voices added a star to this trip.

We finally reached Bhavnagar on Sunday night and said our goodbyes as we moved back to our homes. This trip would stay forever in the hearts of NITSAN family for the happiness, adventure, smiles, bonding, and laughter to cherish forever!