NITSAN Outing 2020 - Farm + Beach

01 Jan 2020

The great efforts put by all the team members for T3Terminal, our new venture had to be celebrated not just by a lunch or a dinner but we decided to have an outing have fun together and celebrate it together.

Desi Cultural Vibes

It was NITSAN outing day, where not only NITSAN member’s but also everyone’s family was welcomed to add the joy. All our members came along with their family, there were few little kid’s too who added many crazy moments in the whole journey.

The place was best to have a feeling of Indian desi Culture. We went to a farm in the cold winter where there was beautiful vegetable plants all around, beach with the smell of its sand and the people of the village with the best hospitality. It was early morning, we started our journey enjoying the morning breeze and the nature around on our road trip.

After enjoying the winter morning in the journey we reach our destination. It was 30 KM away from our city, so all of us had a great experience of road trip, plane roads, beautiful sceneries in the mid way. As we reached the farm, the people there welcomed us and served some hot tea, everyone was enjoying the scenery of a village farm, soon after our tea all got occupied in selfies, and some good clicks. The benefit to visit a village farm is to have fresh air, vegetables and good nature in the surroundings. There were different vegetables farm there. We could get the fresh ones in plenty for our good health. So we grabbed lot’s of fresh tomatoes and headed towards the beach to start our day with some games.

Beach Fun

When all families are involved, it’s more fun to interact with new people and have bonding with them too. Now was the time for everyone’s favourite sport - cricket. Soon we had two teams and the captains of both teams came up with their strategies to win. The pitch was ready, sand of the beach and all players got their place to start the game. Most of the members were part of the sport, few enjoyed the very cold cold water of the beach, and few were in cheer up team.

One by one each player got their batting, everyone was enjoying the game, trying to beat the other team to make a good score and win. It was really fun with lots of cheering to one another, comedy, commentary and laughter was spread all around. After the game all can see nothing but food as everyone was tired playing cricket. So it was time to enjoy something desi, we had gujurati food in a pure village taste which is always the sweetest as they cook the fresh vegetables from their farms. Best healthy dist it was, with the team.

Fun continues

It was so amazing to see all the grown up one’s playing with the kids being a kid only. It wakes up the little child inside and bring the real laughter in such moments. We then played Antakshari listening to some good voices and some bathroom singers too. Our team also have some melody singers, so the place was the best to enjoy some good music. Beach, Nature and some music, best time to spent.. Also, The beach photography was everyone’s favorite, all got good spot to have their awesome clicks. With the passing time, it was evening then. You get a different feeling when you are in between a farm and the sun is about to go down, you really get to enjoy the sunset from such places.

Sand, Sun and Sixes -moment frozen in time
Sand, Sun and Sixes-Moment frozen in time
NITSAN Squad -  fun and lively group photo of  Team
NITSAN Squad - fun and lively group photo of Team
Sand, Sun and Sixes -moment frozen in time
NITSAN Squad -  fun and lively group photo of  Team

And the trips ends with happiness!

Time flies, the whole day was spent so quickly that soon it was evening and time to return to homie. The place, fun moments we created to cherish was so amazing that none of us wanted to call it a day. There was still a list of things that we could enjoy, but the whole day fun gave a good relaxing, refreshing time to all of us out of our busy hectic routine schedule.

It was time to end the journey with end no. of memories, laughter, clicks and stories that can cherish us again and again when we recall. Thus, We called it a day enjoying beautiful sunset returning our way home.