T3Planet's 4th Anniversary Celebration

25 Oct 2023

Our Beloved T3Planet Turns 4! We are celebrating T3Planet's Anniversary with joyful festivities and excellence.

This 4th-anniversary celebration is a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved, from our talented team to our TYPO3 community. We're proud of what we've achieved, and we're even more excited about what the future holds.

This 4th anniversary holds an even greater significance for us as we proudly introduce our newest member, "AADI." With great excitement and enthusiasm, we celebrated this milestone, marking four years of growth, success, and the Constant support of our TYPO3 community. As we look back on our journey, we are filled with gratitude for the trust and belief you have placed in us.

Story of T3Planet

Our visionary founders, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan and Mr. Nitin Chauhan recognized a unique opportunity in the TYPO3 ecosystem during a time when TYPO3 was on the rise but lacked premium products like TYPO3 templates, premium TYPO3 extensions and TYPO3 Services. The dream was to create a TYPO3 Platform that could provide these premium products to an audience who were seeking such solutions and might not otherwise have access to them.

In 2019, at T3CON19 in the Netherlands, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan turned this dream into a reality by launching the first-ever TYPO3 Store within the TYPO3 Community.

This momentous marked the birth of T3Planet, which has since become the home for 70+ TYPO3 Premium Products, including an array of Premium TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions.

Celebration at Office

To celebrate T3Planet's four-year milestone, our office has been transformed into a vibrant and imaginative space. Colourful balloons adorn every corner, filling the atmosphere with a sense of joy. The theme for this special occasion is 'Space,' and our office is adorned with various space-themed decorations, props, and imagery.

The combination of colourful balloons and the captivating space theme creates an environment that is visually stunning.

After capturing some memorable group and team photos, we all gathered at 'Honest' to celebrate this special occasion.

Celebration at Honest

On the day of the T3Planet anniversary celebration, the event's host was Mrs. Nilam Chauhan. She extended a warm welcome to all the members of the T3Planet through a heartfelt welcome speech.

The celebration kicked off with the cake-cutting ceremony. It was a moment to express appreciation and best wishes for the dedication and collaborative effort that had gone into the planning, development, and marketing of T3Planet.

Introducing Our Newest Member “AADI”

Following the cake-cutting ceremony, it was time to introduce our newest member, "AADI." Mr. Sanjay Chauhan introduced "AADI" to both our team and the TYPO3 Customer. AADI is more than just a cute character; it's a representation of our values, our mission, and the Future Vision of T3Planet.

#AADI - Official Mascot of T3Planet

Why Named as “AADI”?

In Sanskrit, the name 'AADI' signifies the essence of 'beginning' or 'first.' which is the best name fit for T3planet - First Ever TYPO3 Store. AADI represents the initial steps towards a new era of creativity, innovation, and excellence within the TYPO3 community.

AADI's presence will contribute to making T3Planet feel more familiar and personal, like a trusted friend always ready to provide a helping hand.

Words From CEO & CTO

Mr. Sanjay Chauhan (CTO) started his speech by expressing his gratitude and extending thanks to everyone who contributed, developed, and supported the growth of T3Planet.

In his valuable talk, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan shared the history of T3Planet, shedding light on the why and how of its founding, and he outlined his visionary perspective for the future of T3Planet. During his presentation, he provided insightful details about the journey of T3Planet over the past four years, including the how, when, and why it was originally established. Also shared the first version in which T3Planet was built and discussed the modern, latest version built with TYPO3. He provided insights into how the website looks in its current iteration.

Mr. Sanjay Chauhan also took a moment to address all team members, posing the question, "Why has no one else created a TYPO3 Store?" He went on to share the reasons behind this, emphasizing that it demands a high return on investment (ROI), involves significant risk, requires dedication, and requires a Dedicated and passionate Team. Also, share interesting facts and statistics related to T3Planet, underlining the journey's challenges and achievements.

At the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan shared his Inspiring vision and ambitious plans for the future of T3Planet. He laid out a roadmap for the platform that encompassed exciting new developments and initiatives.

Our CEO, Mr. Nitin Chauhan, joined the event virtually and conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors and members who have played a pivotal role in strengthening T3Planet. Mr. Nitin Chauhan proceeded to share some valuable experiences with clients about T3Planet. He offered insights into the journey and accomplishments of T3Planet, highlighting the platform's unique value propositions and its significant impact on the TYPO3 community and clients.

Visionary speech by Team Leaders
All three team leaders from TYPO3 Development,  Integration, and Marketing were up on the podium with a presentation and a speech for everyone about their goals and vision for T3Planet in the years to come.

Did You Know ?

  • T3Planet has 4500+ TYPO3 Newsletter subscribers 
  • Published over 300+ TYPO3 Blogs 
  • 15+ TYPO3 Tutorials 
  • 70+ TYPO3 Premium Product has T3Planet 
  • 2100+ TYPO3 Premium Customers
  • T3Planet Search impressions reached over 3.24 million
  • Over 11k+ Average Monthly Visitors

Quiz Time

After the visionary speeches delivered by all three team leaders, Mrs. Nilam Chauhan organized a small quiz session. The room was filled with laughter and a sense of friendly competition as team members collaborated to answer questions and demonstrate their expertise.

Delicious Dinner

At the end, the celebration concluded, and we all gathered to enjoy a delicious dinner with our team members. The dinner was incredibly tasty, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.


In conclusion, our beloved T3Planet has reached the Amazing milestone of its 4th anniversary. This celebration signifies not only our dedication and passion but also the incredible support we have received from our talented teams, Our Beloved Customers, and the TYPO3 community. We are excited about the future and grateful for the trust and support you have shown us.