2 Glorious Years of T3Terminal

17 Oct 2021

T3Terminal(now T3Planet) is our baby brand and we have worked day and night to get it on stage and spread out there with the TYPO3 community.

2 Glorious Years of T3Terminal

We celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our venture T3Terminal, the love and support we got from the TYPO3 community were incredible. This is how we celebrated 2 years of hard work and sleepless nights.

T3Terminal was first introduced on 17th October 2019 at The TYPO3 Conference, The Hague, Netherlands. The founding members Nitin Chauhan and Sanjay Chauhan were excited to share the idea of the first-ever TYPO3 marketplace to the TYPO3 world.

Celebrations at Our Office

We decorated our office and the plan was to celebrate this special occasion at one of the finest restaurants in Bhavnagar, The Basil Park. After completing our work at around 7 PM, we were excited to celebrate and just have fun and eat a lot of good food.

Celebrations at The Basil Park

There was a conference hall already booked for the evening. We quickly gathered and started the preparations.

The celebration started with a cake cutting ceremony, everybody cheered, wished each other for the hard work and brainstorming sessions that went into the planning, development as well marketing.

Did you know? 

When T3Terminal was introduced for the first-ever time all the back in 2019, the store only had 12 Templates and 20 Extensions, fast forward to 2021, the store has more than 110 TYPO3 products and over 140k combined downloads with 20+ Extensions made for TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

After the cake cutting ceremony, we prepared for the presentation that our seniors had prepared to guide the newly added members of NITSAN about what T3Terminal really is, the history, and the future prediction with a little surprise waiting for us at the end. 

We started with a small introductory and speech by Nitin Chauhan on T3Terminal.

He acknowledged us with the idea behind T3Terminal, how the idea came out, how the planning was done, and the importance of T3Terminal for him, us, and the TYPO3 community. The session was quite good and he also mentioned how he lost his passport in a foreign country just a day before the T3Terminal store launch back in the 2019 TYPO3 conference, The Hague, Netherlands.

Then comes a great session with our beloved super energetic boss Sanjay Chauhan and our Digital Marketing Team Leader, Anjali Bhatt

Anjali Bhatt talked about her perspective on nurturing T3Terminal and growing since day 1 and taking it out there in the digital space, her own expectations, and the results that we got with her own struggles while brainstorming for T3Terminal’s content, marketing, and graphical representation.

She also discussed her resolution of making T3Terminal a brand for premium TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions and how quickly T3Terminal is reaching there

Some of the marketing achievements for T3Terminal
1. 205 Blogs written
2. Ranked 6th on searching TYPO3 in Google.de
3. 3k+ Newsletter Subscribers
4. 4M+ Google Search Impressions

Love from TYPO3 community for graphical representations in Blogs, Social Media posts, and other marketing/promotional banners.
Did you know? T3Terminal has got 145k+ visitors till now, 12k+ visitors per month, and 3k+ customers and we are growing every day.

The next session of Sanjay Chauhan was about how T3Terminal got its fresh new look and how TYPO3 SaaS/Website Builder was integrated on the T3Terminal.

He talked about how much trust and appreciation we are getting from the TYPO3 community for the improved look of T3Terminal and the new addition of the TYPO3 website builder.

He also talked about the achievements T3Terminal achieved throughout the first and second years.

The Presentation
The Presentation
Celebrations at The Basil Park
Celebrations at The Basil Park
2 Glorious Years of T3Terminal
Finally Team Photoshoot
The Presentation
Celebrations at The Basil Park
2 Glorious Years of T3Terminal

Top achievements for T3Terminal in 2021

  • New fresh design for T3Terminal (T3Terminal 2.0)
  • License system for our TYPO3 products
  • Lifetime subscription for TYPO3 products.
  • One-click auto-update & notification
  • Backend live demoReform TYPO3 SaaS
  • Improved documentation
  • Major product improvements
  • Introduction to B2B Affiliate/Partner Model
  • Launched the Job Portal & TYPO3 Interview Series
  • Composer support
  • Graphical Improvements and Future Resolutions

Quiz Time

Then comes quiz time. Our project Manager, Jignesh Boricha planned a surprise quiz game focused around T3Terminal.

Everyone got super excited and was super into it. We laughed, some of us did a huge fumble while giving an answer but we had a really good time laughing and predicting the answer.

It’s Dinner Time

We had a delicious multi-cuisine dinner, everybody ate, liked a lot and had fun.

Wrapping Up!

The evening was wonderful and we enjoyed it a lot. We hope that you also have knowledge on whyT3Terminal is so important to us and why we want to spread it to the TYPO3 community. Lastly, thank you for reading the blog.