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Our ‘Hire TYPO3 Developer’ Service Offerings

All TYPO3 Solutions

Develop & deploy customised TYPO3 websites, web apps, and robust SaaS solutions with intuitive UI/UX design & architecture; and also databases, API integrations, servers, etc.

Front-End Development

Create high-quality code for the Front-End Development of the TYPO3 websites & web apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc, and ensure it is pixel-perfect, scalable, and highly responsive.

Flexible Templating

Build editor-friendly, flexible, and customizable TYPO3 templates & themes for amazing UI with base/child theme extensions, the fluid template engine & other modern tech stacks.

Tailored Extensions

Development, installation & upgrade services to provide your website-specific custom functionalities/features using Extbase/Fluid and other modern technologies & methods.

Support & Maintenance

To ensure an up-to-date, secure, and high performance of the TYPO3 website, you can get dedicated & required services for its regular maintainance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the issues.


Upgrading a TYPO3 website is a complex and meticulous task, with our dedicated experts involved you can ensure a safe upgrade/update with no data loss and the best performance.

Steps to Hire

Our Dedicated TYPO3 Developers

Reasons to Hire Our TYPO3 Developers

Experience & Capabilities

15+ development experts with rich 5+ TYPO3 years of experience to develop, design and deploy quality custom projects with dedicated modern technology & methods.

Client-Preferred Time Zone

Get the affordable solution of hiring our dedicated TYPO3 CMS Certified developers to work as per the schedule and time zone preferred by the clients in their location or country.

Quality & Transparency

Take advantage of our TYPO3 expertise in delivering the best solutions through a strategic agile method with complete transparency via regular updates & progress reports

Client Confidentiality

Our policies related to our client’s confidentiality and privacy are extremely strict. We also sign the NDA SLAs and ensure that your end-to-end information is safe and protected.

Hire Developer

Our TYPO3 Developer’s Core Skills

  • 5+ Years of TYPO3 CMS Experience
  • Proficient in working with TYPO3 v12
  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5.x, jQuery, etc.
  • Experienced in Base/Child Theme Extending Concept
  • Experts in CI/CD Approach, Extbase/Fluid, CSS3/HTML5, and more
  • Version controls GIT, Bit Bucket, SVN, and Package manager NPM
  • Functionality, Automation, Unit & Usability Testing
  • Browser/OS/Device Compatibility, UI/UX Design, Performance Testing
  • Expertise in RESTful services for sending the data to the server.
  • Template Integration & Extension Development
  • Server-level knowledge of Docker, DDEV, and Automatic deployment
  • Aware of GDPR Regulation
  • Active in TER extension development
More About Our Deliverables

Our Clients Speak

Stephan Neudecker
Tech Lead - Fischer And Friends

Hi, my name is Stefan Neudecker and I'm the TechLead here at Fischer & Friends in Watmärkteil. We have been working with NITSAN for over a year and have always found them to be a reliable partner during this time. What we appreciate so much in NITSAN is the very good technical know-how, that they can understand and implement our topics very well, they are professional and really active project management skills.

Marischa Altenhein
CEO - Brandiction

We used to manage our website internally and when we faced some problems it would sometimes take weeks to find solutions. Teaming with NITSAN, everything is done in two days or less, sometimes it's just two hours! They are so helpful and This team makes my life SO much easier!

Angelo Previtali
Project Manager - NetConsult AG

I'm working as project consult in Burn and we are working with NITSAN together since now three years. And I'm really happy. They have really good developers, they're making really good support and I would really recommend them as developer for type of free extensions and other portfolios. They have good developers, good project management skills, have a good company occasions and support and we are really happy to work with NITSAN.

Lucas Nitsch
Project Manager - Century Resorts

I'm the Senior Project Manager of Century Resorts. We were looking for a partner who is able to support our global website redesign projects and is able to tap to local requirements such as cross -⁠time, zone management or other local and legal requirements. I recommend NITsAN's website development service to all who are looking for a dependable partner

Frederik Ventzke
CEO - Ventzke Media

NITSAN is a great team of developers. We have been working together successfully for over 4 years and have already got to know each other personally. Communication and quality deserve special mention. We recommend!


Hiring a TYPO3 developer is useful for the below reasons:

  • To get a team member working from home :)
  • A dedicated expert is required for a long-term project
  • Need to collaborate continuously for support, maintenance, etc.
  • Need team members working remotely but easily reachable
  • Available to work as per your preferred time zone (CET)

NITSAN has 15+ TYPO3 developers with 2 Certified Developers with a minimum of 5+ years of extensive TYPO3 experience in all types of services.

The skills of our TYPO3 developers include:

  • Proficiency in working with TYPO3 4.x to 12.x
  • Proficient in TYPO3 v12 Upgrade Process
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5. x, jQuery, etc.
  • Base/Child Theme Extending Concept
  • CI/CD Approach, Extbase/Fluid, etc.
  • Version controls GIT, Bit Bucket, SVN, and Package manager NPM
  • Functionality, Automation, Unit & Usability Testing
  • Browser/OS/Device Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Template Integration & Extension Development
  • GDPR Regulation
  • TER custom extension development
  • Expertise in RESTful services for sending data to the server
  • Server-level knowledge of Docker, DDEV, and Automatic deployment
  • And many more

Yes, our TYPO3 developers are available for hire to work as per your time zone (CET).

Our TYPO3 developers can be hired for various types of TYPO3 projects and purposes; such as;

  • Website upgrade to TYPO3 v12
  • Website Relaunch
  • Custom extension and template development
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Regular maintenance, support, etc.
To hire a dedicated developer, contact us now!

To hire a dedicated developer, contact us now!

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