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With 13+ years of experience, we are a full-grown & certified TYPO3 Agency Partner. Our portfolio includes 400+ simple to complex projects and 120+ global clients. We offer a complete range of modern custom TYPO3 development solutions to meet your unique business & digital goals.

  • Development with TYPO3 v12 LTS
  • Agile/Scrum Project Methodologies
  • Best quality UI/UX practices
  • Effective Communication Tools 
  • Custom Extensions & Templates 
  • Affordable Pricing Models 
  • Website Migration & Relaunch
  • TYPO3 v4.x to v12 Upgrades/Updates
  • Working on EST Timezone


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Complete TYPO3 Service Partner

Our TYPO3 Expertise

TYPO3 Web Development

Modern TYPO3 web solutions equipped with attractive interfaces and required functionalities are developed with custom templates, extensions, plugins, and flexible elements.

TYPO3 Modern Technology

The best TYPO3 development models and HTML frontend codes with React Js (JavaScript) are used while templating and extensions using TypoScript/Fluid/Extbase or TER Plugins.

Agile Project Methodology

A systematic method is adopted using collaborative work to plan, prototype, develop, test & optimise the TYPO3 website. It also involves a modern CI/CD TYPO3 deployment process.

Client-Centric Approach

With our clients at the centre of our TYPO3 projects, we help them achieve their business goals & custom requirements right from planning to after-release maintenance and support.

TYPO3 Website Development Service
TYPO3 Silver member

Agile TYPO3 Development Process

Planning & Prototyping

Planning & Prototyping

The purpose of this first step in our project life cycle is to understand your requirements, share ideas, and provide a realistic scenario through prototyping. The process includes the below phases:

Kick-Off Meeting & Discussion to -
  • Understand your project and get the clarity on its scope
  • Discuss project-specific software development models (Agile, DevOps, Waterfall)
  • Specify our modern TYPO3 practices and quality standards
  • Define the best suitable business model 
  • All in all, we carry out the complete planning & requirement engineering.
Prototyping Process

Before starting the Development process, we create a prototype of how it will appear after it is built. We combine a series of static images to give you this realistic scenario of the application. This is done in 3 steps:

  • Scoping includes defining the key project requirements and functionalities for its basic visualisation.
  • Wireframing is for planning individual screen layouts by considering the relevant UI/UX practices and keeping various factors in prime focus such as accessibility and BITV / WAI.
  • Final prototyping is done by adding interactivity to the wireframes. This provides a realistic picture of the workflow of the system. It also enables critical analysis of the project for improvements and changes.
Front end Development

Frontend Development

At this stage, we bring together world-class design with HTML development. With code that is pixel-perfect, W3C validated, and responsive, we build high-quality Front-End development for TYPO3 websites and applications. Let’s get you familiar with our approach -

  • First, we will process the design file that you provide, which includes PSD design, Sketch, AI, Adobe XD, EPS, etc.
  • Next, we will create separate files with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5.x, jQuery with the extension index.html, style.css, and index.php respectively.
  • React Js, the powerful JavaScript framework will be used for the Front-End element for rendering high-level performance speed.

* We use powerful Front-End JavaScript-based frameworks like Vanilla JS, Atom design concept, Pug template engine, and YARN package manager for quick scalability and the best performance with underlying modern technologies.

TYPO3 Theme Development

TYPO3 Template Development

In this step, we create editor-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable TYPO3 elements. The process includes embedding or inserting the Frontend files into the TYPO3 templates.

Our custom TYPO3 template development delivers -
  • Famous Base/Child Theme Extending Concept
  • Editor Friendly TYPO3 Backend Usability
  • Ease to reuse developed TYPO3 elements
  • Elements Flexibility and Customizability
  • Using TYPO3 Core standards
  • Modern TYPO3 Coding standards
Tech Stack for TYPO3 Template development 

Our approach follows TYPO3 core standards and modern coding practices. We utilize the TYPO3 LTS version, Fluid Template Engine, TypoScript, and DataProcessing.

Automated Code Review with Lints as part of CI/CD Approach

We also ensure code quality through CI/CD with lints for PHP, YAML, TypoScript, XLIFF, and Fluid.

TYPO3 Extensions Development

TYPO3 Extensions Development

This step is to add the required functionalities and specialized features to the website with the help of custom TYPO3 Extension Development.

We fulfill the custom requirements with our tailored development services using Extbase/Fluid, installed with composer. For ext: news, ext: container, ext: powermail, etc, we utilise TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository).

Our Custom TYPO3 Extensions Development employs modern technology and methods with - 
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • MVC Model
  • TYPO3 Unit Testing
  • TYPO3 Industrial Standard Code
  • Automatic Code Review with Lints
  • TYPO3 Core PHP PSR Standards
ExtBase Extensions ⇒ Extbase Framework and Fluid Template Engine

We use these two prime standards of the TYPO3 Extension Development Method to develop modern and customised TYPO3 solutions such as -

  • TYPO3 Multiple Version Support
  • TYPO3 Extension Builder Extension: extension_builder
  • TYPO3 Custom Extension Templating Method: fluid

* We can work with PiBase Extensions to obtain critical solutions. It is an old custom Extension / Plugin development method but very helpful. We can use it to migrate extensions from PiBase to ExtBase.

Versioning and Deployment

Versioning and Deployment

This step of Version Control and Consistent Deployment of Updates is highly crucial. For synchronising the version update changes across multiple installations, a modern development workflow i.e. Version Control with Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Development (CD) are utilized at this stage. The process includes the below phases:

  • TYPO3 Versioning

With the versioning system, we work on future version updates without any impact on your live TYPO3 website content. The purpose of this is to offer continuous Integration (CI) and continuous development (CD) to manage different TYPO3 version updates during their life cycle. For this process to create, edit, review, and publish content, we use the modern tools displayed below.

  • Automated TYPO3 Deployment

Modern TYPO3 Deployment tools enable automatic deployment of your TYPO3 website from GIT to SERVER. We install and configure Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Deployer and Gitlab CI/CD, and GitHub Actions for the process to release the Git-tag to deploy TYPO3 to the staging/testing/production server.

QC/QA Testing

QC/QA Testing

At this phase, we make sure that all the features and implementations are working well. For this, our team uses manual or automation testing techniques to carry out the continuous testing process of project work created till now.

Our Rigid Testing Modules -
  • Deep Code Review
  • Functional Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Design Testing
Our QC/QA Checklist -
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Broken Links check
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Validation with W3C
  • Cross-Device Compatibility 
  • SEO, Speed & Performance
Our TYPO3 Testing Tools:

We ensure a responsive and quality website with our TYPO3 testing tools like Blisk, NITSAN's Bug Tracker, PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix.com, W3C Validator, Selenium, Google Lighthouse, etc.

Optimizing Speed Performance

Optimizing Speed Performance

The speed and performance of your TYPO3 website are highly essential to create the best user experience. At this stage, we employ our best methods to optimize the website's performance such as -

  • Server Level TYPO3 Optimization
  • Cloud and CDN integration (Cloudflare, AWS, etc.)
  • Use TYPO3’s built-in cache
  • Lightning Super Cache (EXT.staticfilecache if required)
  • Compressing, Concatenating & Cropping Your Assets
  • Optimization of TYPO3 Source (EXT:sourceopt)
  • Accelerating TYPO3’s speed server-level tools (like Varnish)
  • Avoid JavaScript Block Rendering
  • Integrating Lazy Load - For Extreme Speed
  • Automatically Convert Your JPG/PNG to WebP
  • Amplify site’s navigation and search functions
  • Minify, Compress & Concatenate Your CSS/JS
  • Set Compression Level of TYPO3 Backend and Frontend
  • TYPO3 Code Review & Clean-up
  • Manage/Test TYPO3 Extensions Affecting Site’s performance
  • Defer and Async JavaScript

Other important steps include -

  • We test-drive each page to monitor speed & performance
  • Minimize Server Request
  • Optimize Page Size with Gzip Compression
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Implement Prefetch and Preconnect
  • Schedule Regular Clean-up & Optimize TYPO3 Database
  • Optimize MySQL & Server Configuration
  • Check TYPO3 Status Health & Service Report
  • Keeping Your TYPO3 Version up-to-date
Support and Maintenance Management

Once your website has been deployed by us you must never worry about your TYPO3 website again. Design, development, security, and updates. We’ll do it all for you with regular support and maintenance.

TYPO3 Maintenance

We'll keep your TYPO3 site up to date, backed up, and monitored to fix bugs, add new features, and patch security issues, which saves your time from having to deal with tedious technical tasks.

  • TYPO3 Core & Extension Upgrade
  • Improving your TYPO3 website’s ability
  • Creating custom TYPO3 elements & features
  • Automatic Data Backup (code & database)
  • Robust Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Instant site Recovery in case of failure
  • Website Downtime alert
  • Bugs/Issues Report
  • Security Update & Securing website from hack attempts
  • Speed Optimization to boost page speed
  • Regular testing for a bug-free website
  • Performance maintenance
TYPO3 Support

No matter what level of TYPO3 support you need, we have a team of TYPO3 experts who offer advanced and professional TYPO3 support to website owners and TYPO3 agencies. Our support services include:

  • Regular monitoring with quick turnaround time
  • Weekly updates With Full summary
  • Dedicate Support Partner
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Secure Offsite Backups
  • Up-time monitoring to ensure smooth functioning
  • Speed, SEO, and Performance Check
  • Plugin & Theme Vulnerability Scanning
  • Server & Network Monitoring

Our TYPO3 Community Participation

We are committed to actively participating in all the TYPO3 events, volunteering, organising, and the community as a whole


We have our office situated in Serkowitzer Straße 32, 01445 Radebeul, Germany. You can easily reach our German Business Development Executive - Sven Thelemann at +49 35148196661 and email at st(at)nitsantech.de

Yes, we provide a 3-hour free consultation with domain experts. You can utilize these free consulting hours to brainstorm your ideas/problems, refine the requirements, and discuss possible solutions and approaches.

Simply Send a Message to book the consultation today.

In total, our TYPO3 technical team includes 20+ specialists in different areas. This includes 8+ TYPO3 Extensions Developers and 8+ TYPO3 Template Developers including 2 Certified TYPO3 Developer and Integrators. Also, we have 2 TYPO3 Consultants and 3 QA/Testing Members.

Skills and Expertise of Our TYPO3 Developers’ Team -

  • 5+ Years of Experience in TYPO3 CMS
  • Proficiency in working with TYPO3 4.x to 12.x
  • Proficient in TYPO3 v12 Upgrade Process
  • TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator
  • TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5. x, jQuery, etc.
  • Template Integration & Extension Development
  • Capable of working with GIT like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc.
  • Attended TYPO3 Developer Day organized in Germany
  • Follows Industrial Standards Development like Extbase/Fluid, Backend layouts, API, Hook, TYPO3 Core, etc.
  • Base/Child Theme Extending Concept
  • Server-level knowledge of Docker, DDEV, and Automatic deployment system
  • Version controls GIT, Bit Bucket, SVN, and Package manager NPM
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Speed and Performance Optimization
  • GDPR Regulation
  • TER custom extension development
  • Available to work as per your preferred time zone (CET)
  • And more 

Before initiating a project, NITSAN signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client.

As per this agreement, we are bound to keep the client and project-related information in strict confidence. Any references or client’s web or software development project details are not revealed without the prior approval of the client.

We also have a Non-Disclosure agreement with our employees so that the confidential information of the client will not be shared or leaked to any external entity.

We are very strict about the data protection and confidentiality policy at NITSAN. We follow the GDPR regulation and accordingly, unnecessary data is never stored on our side. Your end-to-end information is confidential and protected with us.

For more information visit our Privacy Policy.

We are flexible in providing the contract types and decide as per the client’s requirements. The basic types are listed as below:

  • Dedicated resource model
  • Time and Material Model
  • Fixed Cost Model
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Your contact for TYPO3 Need

Your contact for TYPO3 Need

Sven Thelemann

Business Development Executive

st@nitsantech.de |+49 351 48196661

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