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Fulfilling Custom TYPO3 Requirements

Our 30+ unique extensions built with the TYPO3 core's Extbase/Fluid offer exceptional TYPO3 customisations such as news commenting, a feature-rich gallery, a TYPO3 slider, grid-to-container migration, booking, shop solutions, etc.

  • TYPO3 Plugin Development
  • TYPO3 Extension Integration (from TER)
  • TYPO3 Extension Service & Maintenance
  • TYPO3 Extension Upgrade
  • Migrate Extensions to Extbase using PiBase
  • E-commerce TYPO3 Extension Development
  • Compatibility with All TYPO3 versions
  • Following Core TYPO3 standards


TYPO3 Extension Development Process

Our Expertise For TYPO3 Extension Development

Proven Experience

Our world-class team of 15+ Extension Developers possesses 13+ years of rich experience in developing high-end, flexible, and editor-friendly extensions to meet custom requirements.

Technology Stack

Used modern TYPO3 resources to deliver innovative solutions such as Domain-Driven Design, MVC Model, Automatic Code Review with Lints, Unit Testing, Extbase/Fluid, etc.

Scalability & Standards

We follow all Core TYPO3 standards including Industrial Standard Code & PHP PSR. We also ensure that our extensions are compatible & upgradable to the latest TYPO3 versions.

Security & Performance

Our TYPO3 extensions are built with reliable features to offer strong security, encryption, authentication, access control, page load & content delivery speed, high-traffic support, etc.

Our Client’s Valuable Feedback

Marischa Altenhein

We used to manage our website internally and when we faced some problems it would sometimes take weeks to find solutions. Teaming with NITSAN, everything is done in two days or less, sometimes it's just two hours! They are so helpful and This team makes my life SO much easier!

Marischa Altenhein

CEO - Brandiction
Stephan Neudecker

Hi, my name is Stefan Neudecker and I'm the TechLead here at Fischer & Friends in Watmärkteil. We have been working with NITSAN for over a year and have always found them to be a reliable partner during this time. What we appreciate so much in NITSAN is the very good technical know-how, that they can understand and implement our topics very well, they are professional and really active project management skills.

Stephan Neudecker

Tech Lead - Fischer And Friends
Peter Eriksson

If you are the kind of person who want to have control over your outscouring and still save time, then you should really consider NITSAN. Nitin and Sanjay are two great project managers that really makes life easier for you. With a skill full team, good communication; it will take a lot for me to leave these guys. Highly recommended.

Peter Eriksson

Director - RationellIT
Frederik Ventzke

NITSAN is a great team of developers. We have been working together successfully for over 4 years and have already got to know each other personally. Communication and quality deserve special mention. We recommend!

Frederik Ventzke

CEO - Ventzke Media
Marischa Altenhein
Stephan Neudecker
Peter Eriksson
Frederik Ventzke

TYPO3 Extension FAQ

For TYPO3 extension development, we use TYPO3 core's "Extbase/Fluid".

Our TYPO3 team believes in strictly following TYPO3 core's features and standards like TYPO3 APIs, Domain-Driven Design, MVC Model, Automatic Code Review with Lints, Unit Testing, hooks, Industrial Standard Code, PHP PSR, etc.

To develop a custom TYPO3 extension we would require the following details:

  • Requirement specification document
  • Extension's design and functional behavior
  • TYPO3 version you'd wish to develop an extension for
  • Extension's reference

We can explain this further in the free consultation, contact us now.

After upgrading the TYPO3 core and compatible TYPO3 extensions, we upgrade them using Extension Manager.

For TER Extension Upgrade - If extensions are utilized from TER and are in outdated versions, we manually search extensions from the TER, download, and install them via composer after dependency check.

Alternate solutions for non-compatible extension - Depending on the situation we choose one of the following solutions:

1. If a particular extension does not work, we try finding an alternative at TER.
2. If no extension is compatible with the latest version, we try to make it compatible with the latest version.
3. If none of the above works, we develop a custom extension to meet the exact requirements.

NITSAN's certified team is skilled and experienced in the TYPO3 extension development services with the latest and advanced technologies and standards.

We have built 45+ custom extensions and 200+ extensions for project-specific requirements. We can deliver any of your custom requirements to provide a feature-rich website with tailored functionalities.

Our TYPO3 Store - T3Planet has 45+ Custom Extensions to fulfil various functionalities such as feature-rich FAQs, Google Docs import, Custom Google Maps, Advance News Search and many more.

Our most trending extensions are TYPO3 Slider Revolution, All In One Gallery, TYPO3 News Comment, TYPO3 Backup Extension, TYPO3 Upgrade Extensions Compatibility, etc.

Reach out for your TYPO3 Extension needs!

Reach out for your TYPO3 Extension needs!

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