TYPO3 Upgrade/update kit

TYPO3 Update/ Upgrade Kit

Take action on your TYPO3 Site Update/Upgrade today!

This TYPO3 Kit will help you with the step-wise process for updating or upgrading your TYPO3 website.

What does the Kit include?

It is a complete package with a detailed guide on checkups, testing, backups, troubleshooting, and other required steps for TYPO3 core v12, the extensions, and compatibilities. This TYPO3 CMS Update/Upgrade Kit includes:

  • A Detailed Planning Template
  • The Checklist for Before Update/Upgrade
  • The Checklist for After Update/Upgrade
Why update/upgrade the TYPO3 website?

Regular website maintenance is important for its performance, speed, data, and security. Thus, it needs to have regular checkups, backups, optimizations, and updates/upgrades.

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