React.js vs Vue.js: Which is Best for Frontend Development in 2024

This blog compares two outstanding JavaScript frameworks, their pros, cons, and application use cases for each.

React.js vs Vue.js: Which is Best for Frontend Development in 2024

Everyone aims to develop a high-quality web solution within a short time frame. And to meet it we at NITSAN consider Vue.js and ReactJS the most rapidly developing tools for the front-end development for many reasons. While these javascript frameworks can develop the same level of application, the two of them have upsides and downsides.

The motivation behind this article is to analyze Vue.js versus React.js from various angles: from general data to specialized elements. Both these Javascript frameworks have a wide community for wide help and prominence, however, Vue.js is a framework, and React is a library. Anyway, for what reason do we look at oranges and apples? Read on to find out!

What is Reactjs?- An overview

Reactjs is an open-source Javascript library to build web apps with rich user interfaces. Reactjs offers developers the flexibility to create reusable custom components that encourage rapid development processes. Furthermore, its ability to allow quick rendering of a web page makes it more search engine friendly. All in all, it’s a great library that promotes the development of lightweight and complex business applications. 

Here are some cool market usage statistics for React js:

  • React js is used by 60 percent of developers, according to the 2018 State of Developer ecosystem survey. 
  • React js tops the list of “Most loved frameworks of Stackflow 2019” for almost 74 percent and features “Topmost wanted frameworks” by StackOverflow at 21.5 percent. 
  • The framework boasts over 150k Github stars along with a continuously progressive community.  

Pros of React Js

Here are a few advantages of using ReactJS:

1. React JS is Easier to Learn

React JS is considered an easy programming language to learn in compression to other front-end frameworks, specifically for new developers. You need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

2. It is a Simple framework

When compared with other front-end frameworks or libraries, React Js can be considered simple and has a well-defined lifecycle with a component-based approach. It makes use of a unique syntax known as JSX, which lets it use both JavaScript and HTML.

3. Code Reusability

It allows the developers to reuse the code components of various levels while working on the project.

4. Data Flow in One Direction

With React JS the data flows in one direction only, which is downloaded. The advantage is that the smaller data does not affect the larger data allowing making the changes rapidly without any hassles. The state of the object gets updated and modified.

5. Good for SEO

React JS has been successful in breaking the conception that JavaScript frameworks are usually not very SEO-friendly. As said, React JS can work on the server side and the Virtual DOM is rendered on the browser as a regular web page.

Companies Using React JS

Google, Apple, Nintendo, Behance, Trivago, Gitlab, Trustpilot, Dribbble, JustEat, Glovo, Zoom, Nespresso, The Motley Fool, Square, Upwork, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Namecheap, Bilibili, Livestorm, Bitpay.

What Is Vue Js? - An Overview

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework that developers can use to build user interfaces. Contrary to monolithic frameworks like Angular, Vue is incrementally adaptable by design.

Similar to React JS, the core library is focused on the View layer only. But if you want to integrate Vue with other libraries or existing projects, there’s no problem at all.

Here are some market usage statistics for Vue: 

  • There are currently more than 1,523,449 successful websites that use Vue globally.
  • 88.9% of the websites that use Vue prefer Vue v2, and the market share held by the framework is not more than 0.5% overall. 
  • The community of Vue is approximately 174k, with 26.7k forked projects. 

Pros of Vue Js:

Here are a few advantages of using Vue JS:

  • Efficient web pages: 

React JS apps save a lot of time and increase web pages’ efficiency by refreshing the user interface to update the data, eliminating the need to reload the web pages. 

  • Better user experience: 

Organises the code for future optimization and increases the readability of code. Hence, easy dead code elimination results in a better user experience and loading speed. 

  • Reusability of Components: 

Separate logic and controls help build reusable components. Making application development faster and easier, more comfortable nesting of components to build complex functionalities.  

  • High Performance

It eliminates the need to update data in the real structure and uses a virtual structure to update the data. This mechanism produces high-performing React JS apps, no need to take the extra load while loading the web pages, faster response times, and a smooth client-side experience. 

  • Large Community

React js possess a robust community worldwide. From beginners to experienced developers, everyone enjoys building apps with maximum reusability of components that React JS offers. 

When it comes to hiring expert Vue.js developers, Toptal emerges as a leading marketplace. Esteemed for its ability to connect businesses with top-tier Vue.js experts, it stands as a preferred choice for many leading companies and start-ups. 

Companies Using Vue JS

Google Trends: Comparison between React JS vs Vue JS in the last 12 months

Google Trends: Comparison between React vs Vue in the last five years

React Js Vs Vue Js - The General Comparison

React Js and Vue Js: General Info
DefinitionJavaScript libraryJavaScript framework
CreatorFacebook/Jordan WalkEvan Vue
First release20132014
Github Stars174200 stars at Github187800 stars on Github
Virtual DOM++
Open Source++
SyntaxJSX(HTML (default), JSX
Key features
  • Widespread usage
  • Rich packaging ecosystem
  • Elegant programming style
  • Easy learning curve
  • Detailed documentation
  • Widespread usage
  • Elegant programming style
Popular websites/apps
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Netflix
  • Twitter


  • Behance
  • Gitlab
  • Trivago
  • Statista
  • 9GAG


React Js Vs Vue Js - The Comparison based on performance

Criteria React.js Vue.js
Community 331,000 questions on StackOverflow 83,400 questions on StackOverflow
Tooling Third-party CLI - create-react-app Official Vue-CLI

React does not provide you with state management out of a box. React router is a third-party package, not an official one.

Vue provides you with state management (Vuex), Vue Router for application URL management, and Vue Server-Side Renderer.
Mobile Development React Native. It does not use WebView and HTML technology,
but native components have bindings in JS and are wrapped in React.
Native Script. Its syntax is much easier for a web developer to understand using HTML / CSS / JavaScript.It uses Angular 2, so it has all the features of the framework,
it has direct access to the native platform API.
Performance Good Good
State management Redux Vuex
Storage Data Reception More convenient syntax, but a large number of the details you skip down, and you cannot utilize the user selector function very often. Despite awkward syntax and inconvenient transfer of props,
storage is available in each component, and the number of requisites that you have to pass is rather insignificant.
Development speed and cost Depend on task Depends on task


When to choose React Js or Vue Js?

Both web development tools can be implemented for any needs and requirements. You can build web applications, single-page applications, and user interface components with their help.

Here is the comparison table considering different factors to choose ReactJS or Vue.js:

When to choose React Js or Vue

If you:React.jsVue.js
Like flexibilityYesYes
Like large ecosystemsYes 
Love JS and the all-is-javascript approachYes 
Like really clean code,YesYes
Want the simplest learning curve Yes
Want the most lightweight framework, Yes
Want a division of responsibility within one file Yes
Develop an application that tends to growYesYes
Want to access a larger community of developersYesYes
Work with designers and need pure HTML files Yes

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, React Js appreciates more corporate help, more popularity among developers, and a vibrant active community. It's likewise simpler to scale and is commonly liked for complex, venture-level applications.

While Vue, then again, isn't yet as broadly supported and utilized, it is continually expanding in fame, due basically to its fabulous documentation, usability, and steady flexibility abilities. Vue additionally has more core support and extensive built-in tools and solutions. While thinking about React Js versus Vue development speed, with Vue CLI 4, it takes as little as half a month to set up a fully developed product.

Obviously, both are amazing frameworks for any advanced web application, and the React Js versus Vue has advantages and disadvantages depending on the pe of the app and use case.

React Js is better if you want to:

  • Have a wide variety of flexible libraries, tools, and ecosystems.
  • Easily use it with TypeScript, Flow, ReasonML, and BuckleScript.
  • Create a profoundly versatile application with simple testing and troubleshooting.
  • Straightaway wants to develop a complex application.
  • Make a high-performing video real-time streaming or media site.

Choose Vue if you want to:

  • Build a progressive web app or SPA.
  • Start development immediately.
  • Have access to more core tools and support.
  • Extend an existing app’s functionality.

We hope this guide helps you settle the React.js vs. Vue.js debate for your next project. In case you need a helping hand with React development, Vue development, or any modern Javascript projects, NITSAN’s Javascript developers are available to assist you!

Which is your favorite option? Why? Let us know in the comment box below!


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