7 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Website Updated

Your website is truly outstanding and most financially savvy approach to advertise your business. Hence, it is vital that you update your site to keep it pertinent, quick, and safe so that your visitors can avail maximum benefit from it and ultimately it is your benefit.

7 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Website Updated

Your website is truly outstanding and most financially savvy approach to advertise your business. Hence, it is vital that you update your site to keep it pertinent, quick, and safe so that your visitors can avail maximum benefit from it and ultimately it is your benefit ;)

Keeping in mind the current trends you must update your website with underlying top 7 reasons to draw customer attraction, grow your business, make automation and convert your many more dreams to reality! Patterns in website composition change every day, so it's great to stay aware of them. Standard outline updates can really spare you cash. Consistency while perusing the web is vital, particularly for the individuals who aren't expert in web innovation.

Moreover, the search engines like Google are always refreshing their algorithms to give the best results.  Have a look at the top 7 reasons why you should keep your website updated.

1. Gives a visual appeal

                                                      " Design speaks louder than words ! "

It is said that a book is judged by its cover, similarly your website is your identity,what your visitors see it the impression of your organization.

Your website must be perfect blend of design, support and all sufficient necessary information with great UI and visual feels for users to see it as an expert organization. What you reflect on your website reflects how advanced your organization is !

Not updating organization's website would leave it with outdated website designs with obsolete pictures you store on the site may pass on the genuine target of your association and would create a negative impression.

Visual appeal is the thing that pleases your eye. One must develop the site with latest design trends like:

  • Easy navigation
  • Banners & Sliders
  • Chatbot
  • Color schemes
  • Particle backgrounds
  • Mobile first approach.
  • Custom illustrations
  • Big and bold typography
  • Grid layouts
  • Integrated animations
  • Dynamic gradients
  • Cross browser compatible
  • C2A (Call to Actions)

Your site must meet these latest trends to be called as an updated website!

2. Responsive design and mobile-friendly approach

With rapid development and use of smartphones and tablets have lead web developers to design websites that give same look, feel and performance as accessing they get while accessing a particular website on their desktop, mobile phones and tables and it must be compatible with all latest browsers.

80% of websites worldwide have switched to responsive websites and realized that it is the perfect choice!

Following diagram represents the importance of responsive view of website.

Responsive design facilitates visitors to access a website on the go with perfect performance. It is basically one site that rules at all devices!

Responsive website enables a client to see his preferred website in any contraptions with no deferrals in loading the web page.

3. Legal Matters (GDPR)

GDPR is the most talked topic in tech industry. But do we actually know what is GDPR and how important it is? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It ensures that every data protection laws are applied identically to every country in Europe. The main aim of this law is to protect EU citizens from organizations that misuse their personal data and hold them responsible of what information is shared, where and how it is shared.

When progressing in the direction of compliance with the GDPR, one of your first duties will presumably be updating your Privacy Policy documentation to meet the new benchmarks.

Keep in mind, regardless of whether your organization isn't situated in the EU, you must follow to the GDPR rules in order that you have clients who reside in EU. The GDPR makes it clear that any element which gathers or procedures the individual information of the inhabitants of the EU must comply with its rules. So ensure your website is consistent with GDPR.

4. Technology Upgrade

                                         " The road to success always gets updated! "

1.  Code

Is it safe to say that you are certain that your site meets the required web guidelines or is your site perfectly compatible or is your source code legitimate?

The most core part of upgradation of a website is to upgrade its code and its coding standards. With growing technology it is must to upgrade your code.

Coding upgrade does not only mean to update your code with code of latest versionof your programming language but also updating:

  • 3rd party API used
  • Add-ons of latest update
  • Plugins
  • Management of custom code with features
  • Design codes (HTML,CSS,Bootstrap)

2. Technology

The programming language that you choose, CMS that you are using and third-party extensions or themes also must be updated or changed on time if they are not compatible with the current upgrade or version. Upgrading the technology doesn't just mean to update the coding with relation to improve functionality but also to upgrade with all factors affecting the site. Nothing annoys a customer more than to visit the site with non-working functions and broken links.

If your website is built using TYPO3 CMS then you should update your website at regular interval because a new TYPO3 version is released approximately every 18 months. So, you might have issues with your website functionalities. In that case, our ultimate guide on TYPO3 update/upgrade can help you to update your CMS.

How updating coding standards and technology affects your website ?

Updating coding standards and technology is a boon for improved performance of your site for example:

  • Technology Evolvement
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Security Upgrades
  • Optimization of Code
  • Compatibility with latest programming platforms
  • Design according to market trends that generates more business

Have a look at 30 tips and tricks to achieve optimum website with improved speed and performance.

5. Search Engines Loves It

           " Building a website without SEO is like building a road without direction " -Anonymous

However great your website maybe but if does not come to visitors sight then it is of no use :( So we would recommend you to use latest SEO rules that Google algorithm uses for ranking and prioritizing. Google (and furthermore other web crawlers) search for and conveys data has been altered significantly. All the site design improvement (SEO) tricks that worked only a few months back but now they are no longer powerful.

Below are the most trending modern SEO rules used by Google algorithms :

  • Voice search and featured snippets

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Mobile-first indexing

  • Accelerated Mobile Page

  • Google Quick Answer Box

  • Microformat

  • SERP

And this is the common list of tasks you must accomplish to have best updated rankings, optimized and more highlights!

  • Quarterly perform regular SEO Audit

  • Use Google analytics tool every month to check if any upgradations are required.

  • Google’s Keyword Planner to improve your keyword research.

  • Check and eliminate plagiarism

  • Keep Unique and Relevant Title Tags Within Your Website

  • Keep Optimizing images and content

  • Diagnose with Google Search Console Tools & set your Goals in Google Analytics

  • Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console

  • Monitor Site’s Indexation Status

Further you can take help of this step by step complete guide about how to update SEO.

Now the question would arise in your mind that why there is need to perform SEO tasks on your website ? So except if your site is organized and written to follow the new hunt "rules" no one will be ready to discover you. Not on the primary page of Google's outcomes. Maybe not anywhere.

If your website is appropriately developed, an updated website will incorporate such highlights as page title tags, meta descriptions, legitimately adjusted catchphrases, and other search attributes. On the off chance that your site is over three years of age, it is certainly time to take a shot at your SEO.

6. Content Matters

Content is the most important part in your website. In the event that your site isn't refreshed with cutting edge alternatives including text and visual content, you won't be in the best rank of Google indexed lists. Web indexes will search for most recent content which is more important to the clients.

Your content 2 years back may be gold, yet in the event if you don't refresh the substance from that point onward, your clients may consider your association as old one which doesn't utilize any progressed and most recent updates.

Another reliable method for keeping your website updated regularly is to mix in a variety of content types. Consider assets like:

  • Regular Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Testimonials/Customer reviews

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Webinars

  • Gated content

  • White papers

  • Social media links

The guest utilizing your site may first check not for its look but rather for crucial and imperative data. In the event that your site can give fresh and valuable data what the client is searching for, the first impression about your site will be simply Wow! With a updated site, you get an opportunity to speak with the readers and to compose replica that is viable and straightforward. Connect with your guests with your content as you scarcely have 5 seconds to draw them as your client.

7. Security Upgrade

Wondering why you must update your website with concern to security? The reason is almost 80% of sites are hacked because they are not updated with time. If you have created a site and not updating it then you are putting your site at risk.

If your site is hacked, it will cause issues for both your business and your customers as essential data can be stolen. With security issues likewise comes an absence of trust between the business and the customer.

Below are the checklist you must keep in mind to protect your site from security breach:

Keep website platform and code up to date

Prevent File Uploading

Install SSL Certificate

Use Security tools & plugins

Use HTTPS Encryption

Password Encryption

Protection from SQL Injection

Secure File/Directory Access Permission

Choose hosting server wisely

Regular security audit

Security is complex, your site needs timely maintenance to stay safe. Furthermore there is no such thing as absolute security, all we can do is to try our best to reduce the risk of security breach.

For increased performance and security make sure to convert HTTP to HTTPS/SSL. Learn how to achieve HTTP security at- The Unconventional Guide: Converting Your TYPO3 Site From HTTP to HTTPS/SSL

So whenever you are notified with an update on your site, it could mean vulnerability has been detected. This kind of updates are released by developers of CMS, developers of extension or themes you use to get robust site and reduce risk of security breach.


While these reasons can act as the guideline that you may consider whether your site is prepared for an update, each organization is unique, and there might be different factors that impact your choice.

While a website redesign is an important and demanding process, which requires some time and effort – think about the reason you got a website in the first place. It exists to promote your work, help customers get to know you as a brand and creative personality, as well as get them excited to work with you!

NITSAN is happy to work with you to analyze your present website to decide how an update may help you to accomplish your business objectives.

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