NITSAN: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration - Why You Should Join Us!

14 Apr 2023

You tend to spend a major part of your day at work, and it becomes essential that such an organization must align with your values, supports your career growth, and provide a safe and positive work environment. This plays an important role in providing you with job satisfaction, work-life balance, career development, and overall good mental health.

When we talk about values and career growth, NITSAN plays a huge role in ensuring a collaborative work environment for all its employees. We are focused on using open-sourced technology that benefits not only our customers but also our developers to help them learn and grow.

Currently, we have 25+ technology experts on our team, serving over 10+ countries worldwide. Not only do we believe in work culture, but we also celebrate and create memories by celebrating every festival, anniversary, birthday, and much more as a family.

But this is not all; here are some of the reasons why you should join our growing team. Keep reading (You will love us!)❤️

Industry and Reputation

One of the major aspects to look forward to while choosing an organization for your next job is the industry focus and the reputation of that company.

Well, we have been in the open-source industry for 12+ years and have established ourselves as a thought leader in the TYPO3 industry. We often share our expertise through blogs, forums, and other resources to project our knowledge in the field.

After working in the same industry with 100+ clients over the years, we have created a reputable name considering our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Overall, this opens the door to more opportunities for whoever is looking to grow in the said industry once they step foot with us.

Career Development

You might be looking to join a company that focuses on your growth and not just what you bring to the company in terms of skills.

NITSAN offers all its employees a range of opportunities for growth and learning. From providing access to courses and training programs, you can also avail of mentorship from experienced developers and other team members who have been a part of the company for over a decade now.

You can learn a lot and sharpen your skills through our blogs and case studies around multiple projects we have worked on to help you understand the ins and outs of the work we do in-depth and learn more from it. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to take up more senior roles as you spend more time in the organization and learn over the years.

Compensation and Stability

We at NITSAN are committed to providing competitive compensation packages to everyone working at the organization.

You can get a range of benefits and rewards for your hard work and dedication in the form of a range of benefits and incentives. Furthermore, all your salaries are paid on time to maintain trust and smooth functioning.

Also, we maintain a stable work-life balance for our employees by maintaining a supportive environment to learn and grow. You can expect regular performance reviews along with hikes to keep you motivated.

Company Culture

Working with a company that not only provides a competitive salary but also maintains a positive work culture is something every individual is looking for.

At NITSAN, we follow a culture that talks about collaboration, respect, and innovation. We do not believe in long working hours but in creating a positive and impactful work environment to thrive every team member reaches their full potential.

Diversity is one of the key aspects of our company where each member of our team brings a range of perspectives and ideas to the table, and eventually welcome their thoughts and perspective.

Life at NITSAN - Where innovation meets Excellence
Life at NITSAN - Where innovation meets Excellence
NITSAN Diwali Celebration 2022
NITSAN Diwali Celebration 2022
Navratri Celebration 2022
Navratri Celebration 2022
Fruitful Team Discussion
Fruitful Team Discussion
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu - Team NITSAN
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu - Team NITSAN
Celebrating Independence day with Cleanness drive
Celebrating Independence day with Cleanness drive
Sneak peek of NITSAN v12 LTS Party
Sneak peek of NITSAN v12 LTS Party
Life at NITSAN - Where innovation meets Excellence
NITSAN Diwali Celebration 2022
Navratri Celebration 2022
Fruitful Team Discussion
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu
NITSAN Office Trip at Mount Abu - Team NITSAN
Celebrating Independence day with Cleanness drive
Sneak peek of NITSAN v12 LTS Party

Benefits and Perks

No individual or company can thrive in the long term if their only motive is to make their motto only around working hard. At NITSAN, being able to celebrate every festival, culture, and important occasion as a team is an added perk.

Being a part of the team NITSAN allows you to enjoy various benefits and perks which are different from the salary and compensation you might receive. These perks help in maintaining work-life balance and even encourage you to be a part of the company and enjoy your work.

Some of the major benefits you can receive by working here are:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Generous Vacation Time
  • 5 days a week work
  • Easy commute and other facilities
  • Celebrating festivals and other cultures
  • Occasional trips and fun activities
  • Bonuses and Rewards

Impact and Purpose

A company that has a strong sense of purpose and puts in its best efforts to make a change, brings a huge impact on the lives of the employees as well.

Having a purpose simply implies that a company has a clear vision and mission that eventually motivates the team as well to work for the greater good. At NITSAN, we tend to project the same to our employees as well so that they can take pride in the work they do and get the job satisfaction they are aiming for.

Furthermore, once you have a good work environment and a team that supports you and helps you grow allows you to give your best to the company and also are willing to work longer.

Collaboration and Mentorship

Team work makes the dream work.

We all have heard the saying, and that is what we aim to follow at NITSAN. A typical day at NITSAN is when we allow employees to work together on multiple projects where they have the freedom to bring forth their thoughts and inputs.

These collaborations help them learn from each other’s experiences and also grow together. While working in any organization, having a strong relationship with other team members and colleagues only makes your journey easier, and you get to learn a lot under the mentorship of your seniors.

Similarly, we welcome diversity and inclusion to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Through this, we make sure everyone has the equal opportunity to put forth their perspective irrespective of their background and skills.

Eventually, it builds a sense of respect for everyone, no matter where they come from or how much knowledge they possess. Whether you are an intern or a senior developer, respect is given to all.

Innovation and Creativity

Individuals often tend to have an artist's blockage when it comes to trying out new things and experimenting with new ideas. However, by working at NITSAN, you can have the creative freedom to think outside the box, take risks, and develop possible solutions to challenges they might find working on different projects.

It is believed that companies that value innovation and creativity often tend to inspire employees for their personal and professional growth. In such circumstances, creating a challenging environment for the employees allows them to put in their best effort and keeps them engaged.

Work-Life Balance

Having a proper work-life balance makes it easier for employees to balance their personal and professional life.

There are multiple aspects that we practice to ensure that our employees have a more sustainable and fulfilling work experiencȩ̧.

  • Flexible schedules
  • Remote work options
  • Paid time off
  • Wellness programs
  • Offering parental leave
  • Learning and Development

Learning and Development

At NITSAN, we have always encouraged learning and development in all forms. Not only do we believe in hiring skilled employees, but we also ensure to provide them with tools that will only contribute towards their growth.

Some of the ways we tend to support employees are through:

  • Workshops and training programs
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Coding and Marketing Sprints
  • Technical Training
  • Mentorship
  • Guidance and Feedback


Are you looking to join us soon?

Well, this is what your life at NITSAN will look like. Whether you are a newbie or someone experienced, we respect and welcome you.

We promise to deliver you with all the tools you will need to grow personally and professionally. Furthermore, our leaders ensure to provide you with a safe environment that is judgment free and full of clarity.