The Journey of NITSAN at T3DD18 event, Germany

We were glad to be a part of T3DD18 Event at Dusseldorf, Germany. An Event around 200 TYPO3 Enthusiastic connected to enjoy their day by exploring more about TYPO3, expanding the network by meeting other TYPO3 Developers over the globe. The purpose of this event is not just to explore more about TYPO3 but also chilling out so the arrangement of karaoke and social gathering were also there. Thus, The event had many great moments which we were happy to be part of.

The Journey of NITSAN at T3DD18 event, Germany

T3DD18 was organized at Dusseldorf, Germany, drawing out an open door for 200+ eager TYPO3 developers over the globe to assemble and trade their innovations, share brainwave, to explore more about TYPO3, to spread mindfulness about rich highlights of TYPO3 and to grow the TYPO3 community. Instead of simply concentrating on TYPO3, there were programs for excitement excessively like karaoke and social gathering to build the strong bond of friendship within TYPO3 community.

We were glad and too excited at the same time to be the part of T3DD18 event.

And the journey begins…

NITSAN is proud that it’s CTO Sanjay Chauhan and a Team leader Keval Pandya has been able to be a part of T3DD18 Event at Dusseldorf. It wasn’t an easy way, though with the planning of 3 months for the event we made it through. After the event has completed we can see that all our planning for the event like TYPO3 Talk, certification, networking, etc has been successful.

Here are some snap and moments about the event:

The Initiators

Event startup

The event started from 22nd with the warm welcome by the team along with the TYPO3 T-Shirts and Mugs which were lovely.

Beer safari

After the warm welcome, it was time for “Beer Safari”. A very interesting concept that you would be exploring the Dusseldorf city one of the great heritage of Germany with the world’s famous beers.

TYPO3 Talks

CTO as speaker

It was our pride that CTO of NITSAN was represented in the event as the speaker. He shared a talk on “TYPO3 Upgrade” which was appreciated by all the TYPO3 Audience. The session received good feedback from Developers, Marketers, and Integrators. You may check out the presentation at -   

Other Sessions

The main motto of this event is to share and gain the knowledge. There were many sessions of TYPO3 Developers over the globe like TYPO3 9 new features and standards, DDEV, TYPO3 Standards, Deployment System, Other Open Source Frameworks, UI/UX and Design, GDPR and list is so on..

We were amazed to explore about TYPO3 and surely all the knowledge gained is going to help us in our work to maintain quality and productivity.

You may find all the slides at  



Cheers to the achievements. To make the programs attended memorable they organized badges for all of it. So the list of badges we achieved are:

  • TYPO3 Certification
  • Beer Safari
  • Coding Night
  • Midnight Coding Night
  • Patch Reviews
  • etc.,


The other achievement is for our Team Leader, Keval Pandya as well as NITSAN, that he has achieved the TCCI (TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator). His hard work paid off, his many efforts for this examination helped him to go through to achieve the success.

Tech Programs Code Sprint

A live experience working with the team was amazing. Our contribution and involvement in the community website gave us this opportunity to be a part of 4th Code Sprint of We grabbed this opportunity and enjoyed working with the team for the whole day. Special thanks to Stefan - The product owner of community website.

Coding Night

We were glad to be the sponsor of this event and moreover, you will find all the developers very enthusiastic to participate in Coding night. NITSAN team worked on 2nd part of Code Sprint.

Social Events

I love TYPO3 Prop

One of our developer prepared a prop of I Love TYPO3, which everyone found so adorable in the event. They all enjoyed by taking selfie and pictures with the prop. It helped in socializing with other Developers in the event.

Karaoke Band Until Death

The another socialising event which was completely rocking. The band was really super, so the developer who sang and performed. We were amazed to see all the techie were not less than any rockstar. We all enjoyed the live music with some beers, dance and super songs.

Soccer Match

Here we could see the love for a soccer match in Germany. They are so crazy about the match, we enjoyed with them a match between German and Sweden team. Fortunately, Germany won the match and we saw the happiness of victory all over Germany.

Food - Fun

One of the best thing about the event as well as of Germany we would say is the food. The delicious and along with the food you always get to have some fun every day.

TYPO3 Core Team

Headquarter of TYPO3 GmbH

We feel lucky that the event was in Dusseldorf itself, as the headquarter of TYPO3 GmbH is in the same city. We got to explore and visit the headquarter where all the innovation in TYPO3 CMS takes place. We also found the work decorum of office so cool.

Meet up with Core Team

The TYPO3 Core team, aspiring minds of TYPO3 Community, we got to meet all the members, also had some brainstorming discussions with them. It was very pleasant to meet the core team of the TYPO3 Community. Special thanks to Mathias who made it happen.


The events have helped to socialize with many TYPO3 developers and executives, knowing them and exploring more about TYPO3 was interesting. Some also became good friends in just 3-4 days. So, we are happy that we could expand our network of TYPO3 across the globe.

Closing Ceremony

The unwanted situation, the 4 days of the event was so fabulous, live and entertaining that none of us wanted that it ends. In the end, Mathias presented a session on TYPO3 9 as part of BoF (Birds of Feather). So as a gratitude, A big thanks to everyone, TYPO3 Association and GmbH, Event organizer, Volunteers, Speaker and all the TYPO3 Fans.

Client’s Meet up

We got the opportunity to meet our few clients face to face with whom we have just worked virtually for years. Thanks to Brandiction, Browserwerk and Startis!

Exploring New Culture

It’s always great to explore new places, culture, and tradition. Along with the event, we also spared some time to go around Netherland - Amsterdam, and Holland. It was an amazing experience exploring these places - must say that such a beautiful places.

It’s Not Over Yet - What’s Next?

NITSAN is happy to wind up the T3DD18 event successfully and now we are all set to plan for T3CON18 - TYPO3 Conference 2018 event at Berlin as a Attendee, Sponsor and Speaker.

Quick Highlights

  • Networking with business executives
  • Experts talk
  • Share and Explore the knowledge
  • Award gala event and so on..

Join us at T3CON18

We are glad to be a part of this even too and would like to meet you at the event :)

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