Features of TYPO3 v9 that we love the most!

So, Have you checked TYPO3 9? Not yet? Oh my friend, you should check, and feel the one of the most powerful version of TYPO3’s History.

Features of TYPO3 v9 that we love the most!

First of all, Heartly thanks to the TYPO3 core team and all contributors who worked hard with dedication to develop TYPO3 V9!

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So, Have you checked TYPO3 V9? Not yet? Oh my friend, you should check, and feel the one of the most powerful version of TYPO3’s History. TYPO3 V9 is coming up for everyone!

Heaven for Developers

Good enhancements for Integrators

New exciting features for Editors

Improved flexible platform for Administrators

Most powerful features of TYPO3 V9

Check out the random list of features that Editors and we personally loved the most!

SEO + Friendly URL within Core

We always starved with the limitation that  such big TYPO3 CMS does not have own URL handling and SEO. Even WordPress (not preferably to say full-package CMS) has such core issues since starting.

But finally, TYPO3 now owns core SEO + URL Handling, so let’s forget dependencies of 3rd party extension.

Upgrade easily with TYPO3 V9

TYPO3 update/upgrade is one of the crucial tasks. For now it is heaven for developers and integrators, TYPO3 core guys just reformed the whole Install tool module with powerful features like Extension Scanner.

The backend has been re-designed and developed with improved Maintenance, Settings, Upgrade and Environment functionalities. Now upgrading from TYPO3 8 to 9 will be a hassle-free and quick process. 

Download Now: Free TYPO3 Update/Upgrade Kit

Click-based Multilingual and Multisite

Wow, one more step ahead to provide powerful backend features. Just by few clicks - manage your multi-sites, multi-languages, redirects and so on.

Now we don’t need to write lines of code to manage all such the features.

Cool features for Editors

The CMS should be packed with robust backend features because after development and launching, the non-technical editors are the key persons who will deal with daily-basis work with the site.

There are numerous small, editor friendly features have been added for TYPO3 V9 eg., New page tree, New content element wizard, Translation, Unassigned content elements, Re-designed view module, so on.,

Most awaited Frontend Editing Feature

One more thing, Unfortunately, TYPO3 V9 will not come up with one of the most awaited features “Frontend Editing”.

It would be great, if the community will release it ASAP because it will stand-up as the unique feature in TYPO3 as compared to other CMS.

Rock On! TYPO3 9 Release Party!

Of course, We should celebrate and enjoy this great achievement. On 2nd Oct, We have arranged a party for release TYPO3 9 LTS with the birthday of our father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi.

Join us at https://wiki.typo3.org/Release_Party/TYPO3_9#India (To join the great party, call us at +91-0278-2568181 or write an email at sanjay@nitsan.in).

What do you think about TYPO3 9?

We are going to publish a series of post for each technical and non-technical features of TYPO3 V9 LTS, Stay tuned with our blogs!

We just loved all of the great features TYPO3 V9, which ones are your favourite? What do you like or dislike about TYPO3 V9? We would love to receive your thoughts and feedback at below comment box.

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