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Discover the Benefits of TYPO3 v12 Upgrade

Why Upgrade to the Latest TYPO3 Version 12 LTS?

High-end Features

It is easy to create & equipped with advanced features for better user experience, usability, and functionality. It offers an intuitive user interface as a user-centered website with better backend search, visual experience, and more.

Maximized security

Its new security features offer the best protections such as configurable password policies to protect user credentials, Content Security Policies (CSP) to help mitigate certain major breaches, and default HTTP security headers.

Technical Advantages

It has a new ‘Reactions’ feature in the Outgoing Webhooks, the latest Symfony version, a new TypoScript syntax parser, better filtration of Administrator Log, new mail configuration options, an overview of available file mounts, etc.

Backend Enhancements

It has updated CKEditor v5, a powerful customizable rich text editor (RTE). Also, its UX improvements present simple, optimized, and more structured interface styles, easy-to-move content elements, and a modern visual in various areas.

Performance & Accessibility

It offers high-quality website performance and speed. It makes the integration with third-party solutions highly simplified. Also, it has numerous enhancements to make it easy for people with disabilities to navigate the website.

What's New in TYPO3 v12? 

The unique introductions and improvements of the TYPO3 upgrade to v12 such as backend enrichments, better user functionality, and enhanced performance offer various user-specific benefits.

For Editor

TYPO3 Editors can benefit from the following latest features in TYPO3 v12. 

  • CKEditor version 5
  • Pagination API
  • CSP & Configurable password policies
  • Improved backend User Interface
  • Message Bus and Queue
  • Enable/Disable or Manage Restricted Records

For Integrator

The new features make website integration to TYPO3 v12 super-easy

  • Symfony version 6 
  • Filelist with Primary Actions 
  • Internationalization 
  • Retention Period for Deleted Records
  • Seven New TCA Types 
  • New Mail Configuration Options

For Developer

The latest TYPO3 v12 makes it smooth to develop the TYPO3 backend websites

  • Support for PHP 8.1 
  • Doctrine DBAL version 3 
  • Drag and Drop Items Into the Tree
  • Use JavaScript ES6
  • Creating Folders (Popup Window)
  • New webhooks ‘Reactions’ Feature

TYPO3 Self-Upgrade Kit

TYPO3 upgrade and update is an extremely complicated and critical task. It needs to be accomplished with precaution to avoid any complications or threats to website data, security, user interface, etc.

We have tried to make this task easy for everyone with our Free TYPO3 Upgrade Kit. It includes detailed planning and checklists to perform the TYPO3 Update/Upgrade v12 for a stable and secure TYPO3 Website.

Download Kit

TYPO3 Upgrade / Update Kit

Decide on TYPO3 Upgrade or Relaunch Today!

Switching from a very old TYPO3 version (eg. v4 to v12)
Refreshing or Rebranding Business
To Improve the responsiveness of the website
Need to introduce new technology (Headless or PWA)
To Improve Coding Standards and Eliminate Code deprecation
Improve speed and performance of the Complete Site ( Loading + SEO)
Switching from the recent TYPO3 version (For example: v8 to v10)
The elements/extensions with older versions are not compatible anymore
PHP version is no more compatible with the current TYPO3 version


TYPO3 version 12 is the latest and most advanced TYPO3 version with new introductions, features and functionalities.

It has new technical and creative upgrades in terms of technology, backend usability, security, performance and visual appeal.

It becomes necessary to upgrade your TYPO3 website from the existing version to the latest v12 for below reasons:

  • To ensure that your TYPO3 website is up-to-date with complete security and a high-end user experience
  • To boost your TYPO3 website's performance, scalability, additional functionality, various extra features, and more.
  • The process will facilitate bug fixes, security updates, and patches.
  • Not upgrading your website puts your website security at high risk and also deprives you of the latest advancements in TYPO3.

With our years of experience and expertise, we would suggest upgrading to the latest TYPO3 v12 and PHP v8.1 as the best option for the latest website.

If your website is between TYPO3 v8 to v11, i.e. if it is nearer to the v12 then you can choose to TYPO3 upgrade services.

However, if it is a very old version (below v8) then you should go for the TYPO3 relaunch and development because the efforts and cost would be the same as developing a new TYPO3 website from scratch.

We have an agile and systematic TYPO3 upgrade process. It includes 8 steps:

1. TYPO3 upgrade consultation and technical analysis
2. Organizing for TYPO3 minor upgrades
3. Conducting TYPO3 core update
4. Upgrading TYPO3 update extension
5. Adapting the TYPO3 template
6. Performing QC/QA testing
7. Optimizing Performance
8. Launching and Releasing

Please contact us to Book Free Consultation.

The time duration of the TYPO3 Upgrade process depends on your TYPO3 website and its type. Time duration is subject to the website complexities, its templates and extensions, the backend, the PHP versions of your website, etc.

As the complexity of the website increases, the process extends. For some websites, it can take a couple of weeks. The timeline extends as per the size of the website, its templates, extensions, backend and other aspects; such as:

  • Current TYPO3 Version
  • No. of custom extensions 
  • No. of TER Library Extention 
  • Templating Method 
  • Content types need to be reorganized (split, consolidated, etc.)
  • Content is multilingual
  • PHP Version
  • No. of Deprecations 
  • And more

Please contact us to Book Free Consultation.

Yes, our process guarantees that no data is lost while we are upgrading your existing website to the latest version. We ensure this through below approaches:

  • We ensure that no data is lost during the TYPO3 upgrade by carrying out the complete backup process and migrating the data while upgrading the website.
  • We maintain a log of content changes to merge that database after the upgrade.
  • The log for other core changes is maintained to make that database upgrades afterwards.

Please contact us if you need to discuss this further.

Get in touch today for an up-to-date website...

Get in touch today for an up-to-date website...

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