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34+ Cool TYPO3 Extensions Developed & Managed by NITSAN at TER.

At NITSAN we believe that contributing by means of developing and publishing the TYPO3 extension at TER for TYPO3 people to use is the best way of contribution. Check out our 34 Cool TYPO3 extensions developed and managed by NITSAN at TER/T3T

NITSAN loves TYPO3! Period! But as much NITSAN loves TYPO3, so do we love contributing and participating with the TYPO3 community. TYPO3 extensions are the best way one could contribute to the TYPO3 community. 

Team NITSAN has developed 35 cool TYPO3 extensions and has contributed to the open-source TYPO3 Extension Repository. Also, we constantly improve and maintain these extensions, with the latest TYPO3 v11, our all precious TYPO3 extensions would be soon compatible with TYPO3 v11.

A small or large contribution always makes a difference.

TYPO3 contribution could be done in ways,

  • Awareness for Contributing to the TYPO3 Core
  • TYPO3 Core Create Patch
  • TYPO3 Testing
  • TYPO3 Reviews
  • Give Your TYPO3 Ideas, Feedback and Suggestions
  • Join the TYPO3 Team
  • Contribute Your TYPO3 Extensions & Templates to TER
  • Help to the TYPO3 People
  • TYPO3 Documentation
  • TYPO3 Content Contribution
  • TYPO3 Initiatives
  • Donate & Become a TYPO3 Association Member
  • Appreciate & Say "Thanks to TYPO3 Contributors

Sharing our TYPO3 expertise. Below are some TYPO3 extensions we have developed that help us deliver value in client projects. But before we proceed it’s very important to understand why we should contribute to the OpenSource project. Because

  • To Improve Your TYPO3 Knowledge, Skills and Experience
  • For Better Future of TYPO3 and Your Business
  • Whatever skills you have as designers, coders, writers, testers, marketers, etc. TYPO3 needs you!

Are you developing, publishing, and maintaining TYPO3 extension at TER and are interested to know, the best practice and standards for your TYPO3 Extensions? We recommend reading this guide on How to Publish and Maintain your TER TYPO3 Extensions with Composer + Git + Packagist.

Team NITSAN includes TYPO3 certified developers, deeply involved in developing quality TYPO3 extensions for the TYPO3 community.

Making these cool available, we hope that these will help you, too, check them out!

TYPO3 Extensions Developed & Managed by NITSAN at TER

1. Twitter TYPO3 Plugin

TYPO3 Twitter Extension brings all your recent tweets to your TYPO3 site. Using key tools and important features that Twitter provides enables organizations to stay on top of trends and prevalent regarding what the market is keen on.


Extension key



2. Comment Plugin for EXT:news

Smoothly integrates comment features in your favorite News extension. This extension includes powerful features like post comment, reply to comment, multi-level comment thread, moderation, etc.


Extension key



3. TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension

Are you looking to utilize the full visual editing power with simple drag and drop functionality just like WordPress for your TYPO3 website without any manual configurations? You’ve got it! Now, the world’s most popular revolution slider is now available in TYPO3 CMS too.


Extension key



4. TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report

One of the only TYPO3 extensions which provide all the features like the TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report. In addition, it provides notification of new updates via Email. Moreover, it covers the system overview report, Compatible with all major versions of TYPO3 from 4.x to 8.x. Above all, the extension will help you to check TYPO3 upgrade feasibility and complexity. So now it's easy to analyze upgrade estimation and define a perfect upgrade workflow.


Extension key



5. Ultimate TYPO3 FAQ Extension

Ultimate FAQ TYPO3 Extension is an easy-to-use and customizable extension to shape and display on your website a list of the most frequent customer questions with answers.


Extension key



6. Backup Plus TYPO3 Extension

Backup Plus TYPO3 extension is a first-ever all-in-one TYPO3 backup solution. Take a backup of your TYPO3 code, assets, and database in a couple of clicks!


Extension key



7. TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension

An all-in-one TYPO3 Help Desk extension that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy. The easiest to use TYPO3 Help Desk & Support Ticket extension allows you to create a support help desk quickly and easily with Support Tickets.


Extension key



8. All In One Feedback TYPO3 Extension

An ultimate TYPO3 feedback extension that enables users to serve suggestions, bugs, and compliments, and collect feedback on individual TYPO3 page elements.


Extension key



9. Import Google Docs to TYPO3

Transferring Google Docs to TYPO3 has been a dream come true. The First-ever feature-rich TYPO3 solution is to import your Google Docs to your TYPO3 pages, news, and blog in just one click.


Extension key



10. All In One TYPO3 Gallery Extensions

All In One TYPO3 Gallery is a feature-rich TYPO3 gallery extension that provides all one TYPO3 gallery solution. This extension helps you to integrate a rich-level TYPO3 gallery with multiple layouts, variations, lightbox, etc.


Extension key



11. News Slider TYPO3 Plugin

TYPO3 News Slider extension. The extension allows you to create a beautiful news slider for your website. This extension has come up with a number of popular JQuery slider plugins like Owl Carousel Slider, Royal Slider, Slidesjs Slider, Slick Slider. In addition, the News slider is for easy and handy use!


Extension key



12. TYPO3 Comment Extension for TYPO3 Pages

Plug-n-play TYPO3 extension to integrate feature-rich comments features anywhere to your TYPO3 site. This extension includes features like post comment, reply to comment, multi-level comment thread, admin moderation, etc.


Extension key



13. All In One Lightbox/Modalbox

All In One TYPO3 Lightbox extension which provides all together with a just setup of plug & play.

Moreover, it's one of the only TYPO3 extensions which provides configuration for the most popular jQuery plugins. In addition, this extension has the effects stated below. Lightbox2, fancybox2, color box, pretty photo, dark box, magnific-popup.


Extension key



14. All In One Slider TYPO3 Plugin

All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension is the only TYPO3 slider plugin that provides the most popular jQuery slider plugins on your website. This TYPO3 slider plugin provides configuration for Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Slider Js Slider & more. Check out the plugin!


Extension key



15. TYPO3 WhatsApp Extension

TYPO3 WhatsApp Chat allows your visitors to start a WhatsApp conversation, share messages or join a group from your website with a single click.


Extension key



16. Events & Timeline TYPO3 Extension

All In One Timeline TYPO3 Extension lets you create stories, timelines, history, roadmap, and whatnot with unlimited possibilities and 18 unique styles and layouts.


Extension key



17. Google Map TYPO3 Plugin

TYPO3 Google Map TYPO3 Extension. The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Add a customized Google map to your TYPO3 website quickly and easily with the TYPO3 Google Map. Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps, restaurants, hospitals areas, and any other use you can think of! Google Maps allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like.


Extension key



18. Maintenance Mode TYPO3 Plugin

Do you want to make your site temporarily offline like Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode? This extension will help you with simple plug & play which has a special TYPO3 Page & Template. It would be useful on criteria like to set Site Coming to Soon Page, Maintenance of Site, Offline while Upgrading your site, etc.


Extension key



19. All in One Chat TYPO3 Plugin

The TYPO3 extension provides the most popular chat tool on your website. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure many live chat tools eg.,,,,,,,,,, & more will be available in an upcoming version.


Extension key



20. Instagram TYPO3 Plugin

Plugin to display gallery, feeds, and photo tile with clean, customizable, and responsive feeds from multiple Instagram accounts.


Extension key



21. TYPO3 Plugin 

An API Integration for - One of the most popular sites! Integrate hellobar panel(s) with simple configuration from TYPO3 Backend & Display it at global to your TYPO3 site!


Extension key



22. StatCounter TYPO3 Plugin 

Statcounter extension brings you all the powerful (free real-time visitor stats) features to your TYPO3 site.


Extension key



23. Youtube TYPO3 Plugin

One of the only TYPO3 extensions to integrate all the features of like Simple Video, Channel, Playlist, and Live-stream to your TYPO3 site.


Extension key



24. TYPO3 Zoho CRM Plugin 

Zoho CRM TYPO3 Extension. One of the only TYPO3 extensions which integrate features of Zoho like adding leads to all information from the TYPO3 site.


Extension key



25. TYPO3 ShareThis Plugin

Easy to configure socially-share your TYPO3 site using which is one of the most popular third-party social media platforms!.


Extension key



26. Guestbook TYPO3 Plugin

One of the only TYPO3 extensions which provide integration of all the features of Guestbook like review form with send mail, list of guests.


Extension key



27. GDPR Compliant TYPO3 Plugin

Quickly configures to your TYPO3 site to help make your use of cookies and online tracking GDPR and EPR compliant.


Extension key



28. Snowfall TYPO3 Plugin

Christmas Snow spreads the cheer of Christmas by adding beautiful snowflakes and snow-fall animation to your TYPO3 website with our little addon TYPO3 Snowfall and all the pages will show falling flakes of snow!


Extension key



29. TYPO3 Facebook Comment

Grab this extension which will help you to add a Facebook comment plugin to add and share comments, reply, listing, etc.


Extension key



30. Comment TYPO3 Plugin

Easily configure plugin to your TYPO3 pages, news, blogs, etc., Disqus is one of the most popular comment systems.


Extension key



31. TYPO3 Lazy Load Plugin

If you’re facing speed and performance issues due to heavy image-assets on your TYPO3 site? If yes, This plug-and-play extension reduces the number of HTTP requests mechanism and improves the loading time.


Extension key



32. Advanced Search for TYPO3 News Extension

Do you want more rich search features in your favorite EXT: news? By installing this extension, you can search by category, title, teaser, etc.


Extension key



33. Simple Cookie Bar TYPO3 Extension

A TYPO3 extension that adds cookies consent popup in your TYPO3 website. The European Union’s cookie law requires websites to get user consent to set any cookies on their website. As a TYPO3 website owner, your website may be using cookies as well. The Cookie Hint plugin will assist you in making your website GDPR compliant.


Extension key



34. Password Protected TYPO3 Pages

Now authentication at TYPO3 is made easy with simple though sufficiently powerful features. The plugin provides Administrators & TYPO3 back-end users a way to restrict accessibility. Only authenticated persons of any page with only users having the password can access the page.


Extension key



Do you know?
These amazing Free TYPO3 extensions have their premium version available with more rich and extended features? Check out premium TYPO3 Extensions at T3Termina TYPO3 Marketplace.

NITSAN’s TYPO3 extensions reflect how we approach our work!

  • Expertise through TYPO3 contributors on staff, including the TYPO3 Project Lead.
  • Tested code quality to ensure stability and scalability.
  • Standards compliance everywhere, using proven TYPO3 and PHP best practices for maximum reliability and compatibility. 
  • Ongoing performance testing and benchmarking to eliminate slowdowns caused by inefficient database queries and scripts, or regressions arising from new features or bug fixes.
  • Compact. We often create small, single-purpose extensions, making them easy to maintain and upgrade across multiple TYPO3 versions.
  • Open-source. We are transparent, use open technologies, and give back to our communities.

Wrapping Up!

Phew, that’s it! NITSAN has contributed 30+ TYPO3 Extensions to TER in the span of 10 years. We have more exciting modules in the queue. 

Which extension do you like the most? Which extension would you like to have at TER? Let us know!

Do you need help or advice regarding TYPO3 extensions? We’d be happy to update or adapt existing extensions or create new ones for you.

Get in touch with us, let's talk.

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