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Bring a visual appeal to your TYPO3 sites

With our comprehensive TYPO3 template development, we create amazing themes/templates with attractive designs and efficient functions to meet your business requirements. To ensure the best user experience, we also offer customization, installations, and other expert services.

  • Custom TYPO3 Design Template
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly TYPO3 Themes
  • TYPO3 Theme Upgrade Services
  • TYPO3 Template Design to Integration
  • SEO-Friendly Coding and Optimization
  • Seamless Theme Development Process
  • High-Quality UI/UX standards
  • Development with TYPO3 v12 LTS


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Front-End Focus

Diligent process of high–quality front-end development to build an engaging design and visual appeal using HTML, JavaScript (React Js, Vanilla JS, Atom design concept, Pug template engine & more), Bootstrap 5.x, Vanilla JavaSript, etc.

Modern Technology

We use Base/Child theme extension to create custom, editor-friendly & responsive elements for TYPO3 template development. Also, our tech stack includes TYPO3 LTS v12, Fluid Template Engine, TypoScript, and DataProcessing.

Customised Template

Our proficient team has 13+ years of experience in creating amazing themes/templates that meet the client’s brand requirements. They are editor-friendly in backend usability; easily customisable, reusable, & highly flexible templates.

Performance & Speed

Our 10+ expert TYPO3 developers ensure that your website delivers the best user experience and fast page loading through their advanced technical expertise in developing well-optimised element content structure & layout.

SEO Friendly Template

Our TYPO3 templates are created with clean, semantic code and adhere to SEO best practices for the improved performance of your website, increased conversions & visitors, and high ranking in the search engines.

First-ever TYPO3 Store

‘The Pioneer’ of T3Planet

In 2019, NITSAN launched T3Planet.com - the TYPO3 Store. It is the TYPO3 solution provider for Templates, Extensions, & SaaS Solutions to fulfill the tailored needs of TYPO3 customers.

T3Planet’s plug-n-play TYPO3 Solutions offer premium and high-quality TYPO3 resources with various advantages including support, upgrades, security, and more. The TYPO3 products offer reliability as they come from certified professionals and with a guarantee.


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TYPO3 Template Development

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Client Feedback

Our Success Stories

Stephan Neudecker
Tech Lead - Fischer And Friends

Hi, my name is Stefan Neudecker and I'm the TechLead here at Fischer & Friends in Watmärkteil. We have been working with NITSAN for over a year and have always found them to be a reliable partner during this time. What we appreciate so much in NITSAN is the very good technical know-how, that they can understand and implement our topics very well, they are professional and really active project management skills.

Marischa Altenhein
CEO - Brandiction

We used to manage our website internally and when we faced some problems it would sometimes take weeks to find solutions. Teaming with NITSAN, everything is done in two days or less, sometimes it's just two hours! They are so helpful and This team makes my life SO much easier!

Angelo Previtali
Project Manager - NetConsult AG

I'm working as project consult in Burn and we are working with NITSAN together since now three years. And I'm really happy. They have really good developers, they're making really good support and I would really recommend them as developer for type of free extensions and other portfolios. They have good developers, good project management skills, have a good company occasions and support and we are really happy to work with NITSAN.

Lucas Nitsch
Project Manager - Century Resorts

I'm the Senior Project Manager of Century Resorts. We were looking for a partner who is able to support our global website redesign projects and is able to tap to local requirements such as cross -⁠time, zone management or other local and legal requirements. I recommend NITsAN's website development service to all who are looking for a dependable partner

Frederik Ventzke
CEO - Ventzke Media

NITSAN is a great team of developers. We have been working together successfully for over 4 years and have already got to know each other personally. Communication and quality deserve special mention. We recommend!


We develop custom templates using the latest tools and methods such as Base/Child Theme Extending Concepts, Fluid Template Engine, CI/CD Approach, and more. Based on your demand, we can use third-party TYPO3 extensions like EXT.mask, EXT.dce, EXT.container, and EXT.gridelements.

Theme and Template development means building custom visually appealing design, layout, and graphics with the user interface to offer the best user experience as per your brand identity and business & website-specific requirements.

We develop custom templates using the latest tools and methods such as Base/Child    Theme Extending Concepts, Fluid Template Engine, CI/CD Approach, and more.

These templates are custom, flexible, reusable, editor friendly and easily customisable.

Custom TYPO3 Templates and Themes become necessary when your TYPO3 website needs to have custom elements to display your brand identity. Also, when you need certain features that a predesigned theme may not be able to offer, you need expert services for its development.

With our custom template designing, development and integration services we can help you with TYPO3 responsive design, enhanced user experience, improved branding, and high-end website performance. These will help you display your unique identity and keep you ahead of the competition.

The time duration for Custom TYPO3 Template Development depends on the type of project, its complexities and requirements. We are strict about our project deadlines and always provide delivery within the timeline.

Our team can provide you with the duration of the completion of your theme development project. Please contact us if you need to discuss this further.

Our TYPO3 Store - T3Planet has different multipurpose templates available.

T3KARMA - Advanced and Intuitive Multipurpose TYPO3 Template with 150+ Custom TYPO3 Elements, no coding required & 15+ Pre-built Demos.

T3BOOTSTRAP - State-of-the-art solution with 120+ templates

T3 Shri - 75+ Custom TYPO3 Elements & 22+ Pre Built Demo Pages

Reach out for your TYPO3 Template needs!

Reach out for your TYPO3 Template needs!

Sven Thelemann

Business Development Executive

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